Self Care Wednesday: Read a Book or a Blog

Happy Hump Day! Today’s self care activity is to read a book or a blog. I encourage you to read whatever makes you happy, but I am also going to share some blog post for you to enjoy. Feel free to add a nice cup of coffee, tea, or wine to further enhance your self care!

Travel Nursing

My First Travel Nurse Contract: My thoughts and experiences

Travel Nurse Contract #2: Washington, D.C.

Tiny/RV Living

Culbertson’s Go Tiny

Nursing School

NCLEX 101: How to pass your NCLEX and earn your credentials

Q&A: RN to BSN program


When you don’t get the “dream job”


Our Engagement Story

Valentine’s Self Care Week

I hope you were able to find something you were interested in to read! What are some blog or book recommendations you have?