When you don’t get the “dream job”

The “Dream” Job

I had clinical on various labor and delivery units and instantly fell in love! I was the first to volunteer for every delivery, c-section, bathroom call. I was eager and loved every second of it. At one hospital, I spoke to the nurse manager. She let me shadow her at clinical. In my practicum, I tried my best to be as helpful and enthusiastic as possible.

Loving every second of labor and delivery clinical as a nursing student

I asked my preceptor if I could use her name on my application if I applied for a RN position. She said yes. However, I quickly realized that the culture of the unit did not fit what would be the best learning environment for me. It also was a 40 minute drive from my house- longer with traffic. I would not be hired full time, I would be hired per diem and the could transition to full time when it opened. I also would have to sign a two year contact or pay the hospital a lot of money if I left. I did not plan to leave, but I knew sometimes things happen in life. All of this lead me to explore other options.

I decided to go out on a limb and apply at another hospital’s labor and delivery unit. I applied.. twice. I stopped by the unit to introduce myself to the nurse manager- the one I had shadowed in clinical. I was never allowed past the front desk . When I asked if I could come back or wait, I was told she probably would never have time to see me. I left a handwritten note explaining my interest and love of labor and delivery. I sent an email. I never heard from her. I understood. I was new, no experience, and probably seen as a pest. I did what I had read so many other people suggest and have success with but I never heard a word. It was very discouraging.

The Job Meant for Me

Now, I loved cardiac nursing in school and knew starting on a telemtery/step-down type unit would be something I would enjoy, and also give me excellent experience if I decided to try another specialty in the future. I applied for two cardiac/telemetry units at seperate hospitals- and received two job offers on the same day. It was the boost I needed. I was so excited and realized maybe this was actually where I was meant to be. Something in my heart felt so right about one hospital- something I had never felt with the other tele unit or even labor and delivery units. It felt like I place I could learn and grow as a nurse- a place I would always have a team standing behind me. I eagerly accepted the job. It was one of the best decision I have ever made.

Excited for my first night on CV/Tele!

I truly LOVE cardiac nursing. I love caring for sick hearts. The people I work with are amazing! They are supportive and kind and funny. I did not get the “dream job” I thought I wanted but I found something so much better. Another area of nursing I truly love and am passionate about. A unit with a culture that has allowed me to learn and grow. A nurse family that has supported, encouraged, and taught me so much.

Don’t Be Discouraged

If you want to start in a specialty or a specific unit, but all means, GO FOR IT. Apply, email, use connections- whatever you can do! I am not here to discourage you. I am simply here because social media and blogs are filled with people who got their “dream jobs” right out of the gate. Lists of tips and tricks to help you land that job. Listen to them, utilize them. If you get the job, CONGRATULATIONS!

However, if you don’t get the job. CONGRATS to you as well and please know it will be okay. To be honest, as a nursling, you only have had a small taste of nursing. You don’t even truly know what each unit holds. Even after years of nursing, you still won’t know the truth behind a specialty unless you experience it. Go in with an open mind and find the positives in your experience. And maybe- if you are as blessed as me- you’ll find a passion, a nurse family, and learn something new every day.

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Bradley Culbertson

BAE, this was awesome. I love all the positivity! Also don’t forget you get to take care of this heart when it craps out. 😂❤️

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