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Self Care During Your Shift

Want to listen to a podcast about self care during your shift? Check out the NSN Shift Support Podcast! Hey, friends! It’s been a while. ...

Managing Stress and Anxiety During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week and with that the holiday season will be in full swing! I love seeing everyone post their Christmas decor already. I ...

Lessons from Two Years Away from Bedside Nursing

It is really hard to believe I have been out of bedside nursing for two years now. I loved my time at the bedside, and ...

Joyce Grayson, Visiting Nurse Killed During Home Visit

Violence against Health Care Workers has been a growing concern, with a 2019 ANA Survey reporting that 1 in 4 nurses report being physically assaulted at work. If you ...

Life Update November 2023- Grief and Mental Health

Hey, friends. It’s been so long since I have been in that space. It’s no secret my mental health has been a struggle all my ...

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