Culbertson’s Go Tiny

The Dream To Travel

Traveling has been a dream for Bradley and I pretty much since we started dating over 7 years ago. We loved the idea of being able to see the country and have enough time to emerge ourselves in different cultures. We also knew if we did this, we wanted a home we could bring with us. A lot of travel nurses rent rooms, homes through Air BNB or Furnished Finders, or long term stays in hotels. These are great options but with a husband and 2 fur babies, we knew finding a place for all four of us could be tricky. We also like the idea of not having to pack up all our stuff and move every 3 months. So, we decided a home on wheels was right for us. If you haven’t read about our current adventure and big leap we took, check out my post about my My First 2 weeks as a Travel RN.

Tiny Home vs RV

We still really want to buy a tiny home and that is planned for the future. However, they are a lot bigger and a lot harder to move. An RV is built a little more to be easily mobile. We also paid about 1/3 of what we would have paid for a tiny home. Since we left for our travel adventure about a year earlier than we planned, we didn’t want to spend a ton on the place we would live right away. And you aren’t just making your tiny home/camper payment, you also have to pay for a space at the campground so you can park it. We do plan to make quite a few modifications to our camper over the next several months to give it more of a tiny home feel and will be sharing that transformation with you on the blog!

First Two Weeks

The first two weeks of living tiny have required a few slight adjustments but overall I am happy to say we are settling in to our new home quite nicely! We are still working to find a place for everything and get everything unpacked, but it is starting to feel like home. Living in the campground and being able to enjoy nights by the fire and cooking out (our camper even has an outdoor kitchen) has been so fun! Annabelle surprisingly adjusted very quickly and loves having all the windows. Declan is happy as long as he is with his people, and he too is loving having the windows to see all the happenings of the campground.

Declan loves having a nature trail in his back yard.


The Queen enjoying her daily sun bathing.

A few of the biggest changes from our home in Greenville have been:

  • TINY bathroom. We had a small bathroom at home, but we now have essentially a closet with a small walk in shower. I definitely miss my bathtub and the size of our water heater at home but it hasn’t been to bad!
  • Queen size bed. We had a king size bed before and Declan already took up half of that (he likes to sleep stretched out with his long legs.) So, you can imagine how that adjustment has been, ha!
  • The kitchen is considerably smaller, but surprisingly that has not been an issue so far! We have cooked several meals in our kitchen and grocery shopped for the week, and have managed to fit everything! Having a mini fridge and cabinet space in the outdoor kitchen definitely helps with storage.
  • The couch. Is. Also. Tiny. I love having a big comfy couch and a camper couch definitely isn’t comfy, big, or atheistically pleasing. It definitely is one of the first things we plan to change on our list! For now, we laid it flat and put pillows on the back which has made it a lot more comfortable.

Our first dinner we cooked in the kitchen inside the camper.

Overall tho, I am so happy to say we are adjusting really well and loving our new home! Thank you for all the love and support on this new adventure! We are so excited for this new chapter in our lives and look forward to sharing it on the blog. Look for an RV tour coming soon and some talk about our plans to make it more homey! 🙂


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Melissa Weaver

It looks great! I’m looking forward to the videos! 💕


Love your new home. Excited to follow your adventures. ❤️

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