Valentine’s Self Care Week

Hello! Happy Saturday! I hope everyone had a good week. Let’s be honest, I say it a lot, but the past two years has been difficult for all of us. So much change and unknown in our daily life. Self care is a very easy thing to put on the back burner. In honor of the day of love (Valentine’s Day) I am hosting a self care week and I would like for everyone to join me! Nurse or not. It is super simple, each day I have a self care activity for you to engage in. If the activity doesn’t work for you or that day, feel free to improvise with what does! The point of this is not to be stressful or another thing on your “to do list.” It is meant to simply encourage you to find joy in something everyday.

I know that there is a lot of toxic positivity and superficial self care on social media these days and I don’t want you to view this as that! I know that self care is so much more than skin care or taking a walk- but those things can be self care and they can be helpful! Finding joy in small things, even when life is really hard, is an act of being human and helping to find your way to happiness again.

If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram! I will be sharing my self care week on stories and would love to be able to see yours as well! You can always email me using my contact page to share! I love connecting with nurses and anyone who is kind enough to take the time to read and engage with my blog!

Thank you for being here and the continued support on my little corner of the internet. Let’s all take some time next week to should ourselves some much deserved care and love!

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