Five of the Best “Midnights” Album Lyrics

If you have turned on football, the news, late night talk shows, or been on any social media- you probably know that Taylor Swift dropped her 10th studio album on Friday- Midnights. I stayed up until 4am to listen to the album and be awake for the 3am super chaotic surprise- which was SEVEN more songs.

I love Taylor Swift. My sister and I saw the Reputation tour after my parents gifted us tickets for Christmas and it was one of the best concerts I have seen and seeing it with my sister was a dream come true. We have listened to Taylor through road trips, break ups, moving into our own apartment together, both of us getting married- her music is so special to me. If you read my blog post last week you know I am looking to expand the blog to more than nursing and write about all the things I love! So what better way to kick that off than with a post about Taylor Swift! We are happy, free, confused, and lonely over here! 🙂

I had no clue what to expect but the album is phenomenal! All my friends that are fellow Swifties agree. It is still Taylor, but a new style and vibe that she hasn’t done before that I love! Even if you aren’t a Taylor fan (which is weird, ha) I highly recommend listening to the album! It is amazing.

Note: This post is based on the original discography of Midnights (first 13 songs). 

Favorite songs (subject to change, and they will)

  • Vigilante Shit
  • Lavender Haze
  • Maroon
  • Karma
  • Anti-Hero

Again, these songs are subject to change, but so far, and on this day, these are my favorite. But again, I love the whole album!

Noteable Instagram Quotable Lyrics. Because the millennials love a good song lyric for an IG post.

  • It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me (Anti-Hero)
  • Draw the cat eye strong enough to kill a man (Vigilante Shit)
  • I just wanna stay in that Lavender Haze (Lavender Haze)
  • He was sunshine, I was midnight rain (Midnight Rain)
  • Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend. (Karma)

If you have listened to the album, what do you think? What are your favorite song(s)? I would love to hear in the comments!

The Future of Peace Love Nursing Blog

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week! We are still enjoying the beauty of the Western NC mountains and dog/house sitting for my sister in law. And to my fellow Taylor lovers- Happy Release Day! I am so excited the Midnight Album is finally here and it will definitely be on repeat allll weekend! I hope my husband is ready, ha!

Today I’m chatting a little bit about the blog and where I hope to go. I started PLN in 2016 when I was in my LPN to RN nursing program as a way to document my journey. I shared study tips, clinical experience, and then moved on to sharing about the trials of a new grad nurse. When I got my job at the hospital- I was paralyzed by the fear of anyone finding my blog. So I stopped writing.. for over a year. I then decided to come back to the blog-because whenever I take a break- I miss it. This is a creative and stress outlet for me. I love getting the change to write, share pics, and create graphic designs for the blog.

The blog has always had a nursing focus, with a sprinkle of lifestyle post. About 7 months ago- I started Nurses Supporting Nurses, a space to help support the mental health of nurses, CNAs, and nursing students. I absolutely love hosting a support group and other work I do with NSN. It is obviously, very heavily nursing focused and can be a little bit more heavy- since a lot of the focus in on mental health.

I have always loved lifestyle blogs. I get a lot of recipes, outfits, RV tips, travel ideas- all kinds of stuff from bloggers! I have so much respect for people who take the time to share with the world through writing. It’s what inspired me to start my own blog! I never really shared anything like recipes or Amazon finds (other than nursing related Amazon finds) but I have always secretly wanted too! I have some recipes I have perfected over the years I would love to share for example- but imposter syndrome and fear of being judged always stopped me. However, I have done a lot of work through therapy, coaching, self care… and if Covid taught me anything, it’s that life is too short and too fragile to not do what brings you joy.

All of this is a very long winded (in true Megan fashion) way of saying I am hoping to expand the blog past the nursing realm. We still will have at least one nursing related post every Wednesday because that is a large part of who I am and my passion. But I want to begin to share things like recipes, RV life, travel, whatever my interest is at that time! I think sharing all parts of yourself on a blog (within reason, of course) is important to being authentic and growing a relationship with readers. I know I love things like “day in the life” or travel recaps from the bloggers I follow.

You probably had already noticed some changes with post like Our Jack & Jill Bachelor/Bachelorette Party and Fall Foliage & Weekend Happenings, but I wanted to write a post to talk about the change (partially for accountability!) I hope to blog every Monday, Wednesday & Friday- with Wednesday being a day dedicated to nursing related post. I hope you will stick around and if you ever see a post you like- I’d love if you would share it on social media or with a friend!

Thank you for the continued support on my blog! What is something you would like to see on the blog- please share below! 

Ten Fall Self Care Ideas

If you read Monday’s post or you have been watching my IG stories- you know I am very happily in the mountains of Western NC enjoying the gorgeous fall leaves! I will say, the weather took a turn with a cold front coming through over the next few days. We went from 60s and sunny to 30 degrees with a windchill in the teens… BRRRR. I’m not sure who ordered winter, but they can have it back. Thankfully, we will be back to the 60s for the weekend.

We know we love self care over here. It is so important for nurses and nursing students, but honestly everyone needs self care. Fall is in full swing and it’s time to get in all the fall activities before winter arrives (it’s definitely reminding me it’s coming here in NC this week!) So today, I’m sharing some ideas for some fun, festive, and rejuvenating fall self care.

Go to a pumpkin patch or pick apples

Cliche? Maybe. Fun? Yes. I love walking around an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch in the fall!

Go on a walk or hike in nature

Time in nature and sun exposure are excellent ways to life your mood and practice self care, especially as the days get shorter. It doesn’t need to be strenuous and it doesn’t require a lot of travel. Go to a near by state park or city park and enjoy a walk. As you walk, take the time to really be present. Notice the smell of the fresh air, the feel of the wind, the sounds, and the colors and around you.

Sip a warm beverage

Hot apple cider became a favorite fall beverage for me when we first got the camper and had our first fall in Washington, D.C.! Now, any time the weather is crisp and fall/winter roll around- it is a must have! Hot tea is always another favorite- especially with some local honey! And of course, I have to have a couple pumpkin spic lattes!

Enjoy some aromatherapy 

A nice candle, essential oil, bath oil- whatever it may be, aromatherapy is a great way to relax.

Bake a fall treat

I personally enjoy baking and really enjoy the finished product! If baking doesn’t bring you joy, consider purchasing a treat from a bakery! If you are up for some baking, these  pumpkin spice blondies from Brittany are delicious and easy to make!

Cook (or purchase) a cozy meal

There is something soooo comforting about a bowl of soup or stew in the fall. Made even better if you let it simmer all day on the stove top or in your crock pot! I made white chicken chili Monday night and it really hit the spot when we ate the leftovers for lunch on this cold day! It was also a super easy recipe and came together quickly. I did sub out the rotisserie chicken for some chicken breast I made in the instant pot.

Go on a drive to see the fall foliage

There is something so relaxing about the beauty in the colors of fall. If you aren’t up for a hike, or you want to cover more ground, head out for a drive to see some colors! We are close to the Blue Ridge Parkway where we are housesitting so I hope we are able to get out for a drive to see the leaves in the next couple days!

Journal a daily gratitude while snuggled under a blanket

Journaling can help decrease stress and anxiety. My One Line a Day Journal  is great to use as a daily gratitude journal, includes a weekly guided reflection, and the money I receive goes to support Nurses Supporting Nurses.

Make your space cozy

A fall candle, dimmed lights, a soft blanket, clean sheets- whatever will help you relax and feel cozy in your space- treat yourself to it! I love having a cozy space as the weather gets cooler to sip a cup of tea, journal, or take a nap.

Watch your favorite scary (or not so scary) movie and enjoy a spa day

Choose your favorite Halloween (or not!) movie, pop some popcorn, grab a favorite beverage, and enjoy a little relaxing spa day. I love using a nice hand and face mask while I watch my favorite movie or show.

What fall self care will you do this week? I have been enjoying cooking cozy meals, walks with the dogs, fall foliage, and I plan to make some pumpkin bread this week!


Fall Foliage & Weekend Happenings

Hello and Happy Monday, Friends! I hope you had a nice weekend and your week is off to a great start! This weekend was spent in Linville Falls, NC at my sister in laws house! We came to celebrate her fiancé’s 40th birthday on Thursday. Friday, they left and we are now dog and house sitting while they are gone. I missed a true fall last year being in Florida so I am loving getting to see the fall colors, and it’s even better being in the mountains! I love the beach, but I sure do love the mountains in the fall.

My sister in law is a real estate photography so I went with her to be an assistant at a photo shoot for an Air BNB rental. I turn on lights and move objects, made sure things were in place. I don’t feel like I did much, but the house was so cute and the views were gorgeous! It was nice to get in a little sister time before she left town.

Saturday, we took Declan and our doggy nephew Haze on a walk around a little walking/nature trail in the neighborhood. The boys were so happy to get out on a walk and the weather was perfect. It was 69 and sunny, and again- the leaves were beautiful!

Saturday night we made a quick and easy meal of grilled chicken, broccoli, and cheesy rice then cuddled on the couch with the boys and watched the last two episodes of SheHulk.

Sunday, we drank coffee in bed and enjoyed the view out the window, did some work on our computers, and enjoyed a belated at home anniversary date night. Spaghetti, salad, wine for dinner and we watched the movie Dog with Channing Tatum. It was a really cute movie and I enjoyed it- but I will warn you I cried for the last 30 minutes… and an additional 20 minutes after that. So be warned, ha!

We haven’t had much time alone together, so a weekend at the Basecamp Bungalow (what we call sister in laws house) was perfect and much needed. And if you can’t tell, I’m loving seeing the leaves given the number of times I said it in this post and all the pics I’m sharing, ha! How was your weekend? Are the leaves changing where you are? Share below!

Five Things I learned in Year 3 of Marriage

Today, Bradley and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe we have been married for 3 years. The third year.. was tough. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I went through terrible, debilitating depression. My husband was on year 2 of starting a business. But, we made it through, and I think we learned a lot. I learned to accept help, support, and a new appreciation for the man I married. Marrying him was by far one of the best decisions of my life. I’m sharing 5 things I learned in year 3 of marriage as well of some of my favorite pics from one of the best days ever.


I feel every year of marriage, I learn more and more about the importance of communication. Every year of life, really. I have been in therapy and did sessions with a nurse coach who works with women with chronic illness. Communication really is key to any relationship. And honestly, sometimes, Bradley and I need to focus on it more. So we are. I am more mindful to tell him plans I make (or hope to make). He is mindful of updating me on things with work. We both voice when we need something from the other. It may be cliche, but its cliche for a reason.

Photo Credit: Kylie Marie Photography

Money is Tough

Money sucks. Like, it really sucks. It can also be great. A catch 22 for sure. Being a travel nurse during a pandemic- it was great! But, going from being a travel nurse to not working was not my favorite time of our lives. I am thankful I was able to take the time to heal my mental and physical health. We learned to live on a tighter budget and make savings go further. I’m glad Bradley’s business is growing, I am getting back to work, our bank account is looking happier. This is a vunerable thing to share, but it is a part of life and marriage.


Bradley had to support our marriage (and me) in ways he never has the past year. Getting Covid in January, developing long haul, along with PTSD and depression, left me really unable to do most the things I have done our whole marriage (and most of our relationship.) I was not grocery shopping, working, cleaning, cooking, walking Declan more than occasionally. Bradley picked up the slack and I am forever thankful for that. I am back to work, back to cooking, walking Declan every day- things aren’t perfect, but they are better. But I can’t say how much it meant to me to have Bradley take care of me and us during the past year. I know, yet again, I made the right decision marrying him.

Bradley, Southpaw, & Me

Love is always evolving

Love is always evolving. It grows and changes each year. Year 3 of marriage was no difference. I have been doing a lot of work on myself. I started medication, went to therapy, saw a nurse coach, starting a support group, and work on finding new ways of supporting my mental health. Bradley has had his own personal journey too. Evolving and changing is part of life and marriage. It’s important to be open and accepting of the changes.

Have Fun

Work, family, fur babies, responsibilities, can be all consuming. There is a time to work, but you also need to have fun! Bradley owning a business, me helping with the business, it was very easy to find us working all the time. It’s honestly something we are still working on, but we are working to be more conscious of our intentional time together to just enjoy each others company and have fun! We are together a lot more both working (partially) from home and you have to be mindful to make time for you as a couple- not business partners, fur parents, etc.

Happy Anniversary to my love. Year 3 was a challenge, but I believe year 4 will be the best yet!




Journal Prompts- October 2022

Some benefits of journaling include:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Find inspiration
  • Track progress and growth
  • Make connections between thoughts

The One Line a Day Reflection Journal is a journal I published to help those who are new to journaling or have struggled with consistency in the past. It is a simple one line reflection every day. Weekly, you have a guided reflection. And each week, you get a quote to help encourage and support you. One of my best friends, Katy Sewell, did the cover art. It’s really a beautiful reflection of both of our mental health journeys. The proceeds help to support Nurses Supporting Nurses, an organization I founded that provides free and low cost support groups to nurses and CNAs. If you are interested in joining a support group, visit

To purchase the One Line a Day journal on Amazon, click here.

32nd Birthday- Life & Thoughts on the Year Ahead

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Friday! It was a great day filled with celebrations, cards, and sweet messages from thoughtful people.

Birthday Celebrations

My husband, sister, and brother in law surprised me with a night a Top Golf. I have been wanting to go since it opened in Greenville a couple years ago so this was the perfect birthday surprise! We ate appetizers, drank a beer, and hit golf balls! If you haven’t gone to Top Golf, I highly recommend! Whether you are a golfer or not, I think it can be fun for everyone!

We then went to Double Dogs for a night cap before Bradley surprised me with a night at a hotel. We watched tv and got to enjoy sleeping in a king size bed, but not having to share with Declan or Annabelle, 😉 Love them, but they are bed hogs lol.

Sunday- my sweet friend Christi took me to dinner at one of my favorite Mexican places and then we went to her house to watch Hocus Pocus 2. It was fun getting to have some girl time and catching up with a very special friend.

Life at 32

Life at 32 may not look exactly how I would like it too, but it’s a beautiful life none the less. The past year has held a lot of challenges- with working through covid, PTSD, catching covid (twice, sigh) and developing long haul and severe episodes of depression. Not to sound like a downer, but it has brought a lot of pain and challenges.

However, I have a wonderfully supportive husband, family, and friends that have become family. And for them, I am so grateful. I have the best fur babies a mom could ask for. Bradley and I love living tiny in our RV and are enjoying splitting time between the beach of Florida and mountains of SC/NC.

I have a new job that is allowing me to use my nursing skills in a way that is better for my mental health. I’m enjoying meeting my clients and getting to spend some 1:1 time with them (more on the new job in a later post).Nurses Supporting Nurses celebrated 6 months of support groups and providing support to my fellow nurses, nursing students, and CNAs. I have made amazing connections through this organization and I am proud of all I have done so far.

Thoughts on the Year Ahead

In the next year, I hope to continue to grow NSN into provide 1:1 peer support and other support group options. I want to continue to find ways to use my nursing license and knowledge in a way that is healthy for me. Continue on my mental health journey- including emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. I hope Bradley and I will be able to take some adventures and see at least one new place. I’m excited to see where 32 will take me and what adventures lies ahead with the people I love.

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes and for your continued support on my blog. You are appreciated.


September Journal Prompts

In honor of the One Line a Day Reflection Journal I published, as well as the importance mental health and self care play in this blog- I am going to share journal prompts every month. Journaling has a variety of benefits and it has really helped me on my mental health journey.

Some benefits of journaling include:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Find inspiration
  • Track progress and growth
  • Make connections between thoughts

The One Line a Day Reflection Journal is a journal I published to help those who are new to journaling or have struggled with consistency in the past. It is a simple, one line reflection every day. Weekly, you have a guided reflection. And each week, you get a quote to help encourage and support you. My friend did the cover art. It’s really a beautiful reflection of both of our mental health journey. The proceeds help to support Nurses Supporting Nurses, an organization I founded that provides free and low cost support groups to nurses and CNAs. If you are interested in joining a support group, visit

To purchase the One Line a Day journal on Amazon, click here.

September Intentions

Happy September! I have always loved September. The days are still warm, but fall is slowly creeping in. It’s also my birthday month! I feel like the summer literally flew by. I’m partially wanting to hold on to the lazy days of summer, but also SO excited for the beautiful fall days! If you didn’t know, pumpkin is back at Starbucks (and pretty much everywhere else!) So even if it’s 90 degree like it is here in Greenville, you should treat yourself! This is 2022 and we don’t live by arbitrary rules anymore.

I have shared a lot about my physical and mental health healing journey on the blog. Last fall, I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety after working through the pandemic as a nurse. In January, I tested positive for Covid and ended up with long haul covid. Chronic fatigue, pain, and heart palpitations are a few of the symptoms. I feel I am making improvements on both my mental and physical health but it’s been a long road.

I want to continue to practice what I preach and focus on holistic practices and wellness I can do along with the western medicine I’m using- medication. I believe a combination of the two can really help a lot of people heal. I don’t think medication and therapy is enough, you need to work on supporting your full body through other practices as well.

Today, I’m sharing some intentions I’m setting to try to support my continued mental, emotional, and physical healing journey. I would love to hear your September Intentions below!


I write affirmations throughout the week for various things with Nurses Supporting Nurses and they really are helping with my mindset and self talk. I am not a believer in the toxic positivity but I do think most of us could work on being more kind to ourselves. My goal is to say my affirmations every morning, and truly work on believing them. To receive affirmations for your week- check out the NSN Instagram (nurses.supporting.nurses) every Sunday.

Mental Health Walks & Yoga

Family walk at Unity Park in Downtown Greenville, SC

I use to walk (actually run a lot of days) daily with my dog, and that is something I have really struggled with on my long haul covid and mental health journey. Chronic pain and fatigue make it really hard to get up and go on a walk a lot of days. However, I know my body and mental health needs movement and time outside. I also have ventured into yoga over the past few months and I feel its helpful for my joint pain and it’s a great way to practice mindfulness. This month I hope to do at least 3 walks a week and 2 yoga sessions a week. I am working on making modified, manageable goals/intentions for myself. I use to run 4-5 days a week and now a walk around the block can be hard. So I need to find activities that bring me joy without increasing pain or fatigue. Yoga and walks so far have been great.


One of my favorite meals I made us recently! Greek salad with homemade dressing, salmon, and jasmine rice!

Constant traveling, not always having your own kitchen, being on the road, can make nutrition hard. Add in work and helping my husband run a business. All of this, and food can kind of become just a quick necessity to survival. I have been trying to incorporate more vegetables, fruit, and lean means into our diet. I have to say, when I add in more nutrient dense food- I honestly feel better. I’m not saying I am perfect, but I definitely notice a change in my energy levels and pain. And I’m not here to say “junk” food (not a term I use) is the enemy, I definitely have been indulging in some pumpkin treats as I find them! But, adding in a salad (I am LOVING greek salad with homemade greek dressing) or having fruit as a snack (apple and PB is forever my fav!) is definitely helpful. This month I hope to continue to focus on feeding my body better and adding in even more fruits & vegetables.

What are your September intentions? I’d love to hear about them below!

Self Care: A necessity to preventing burn out

If I’m honest, I don’t really care for the word burn out. I have experienced burn out many times over my career- but I feel the term puts a lot of the blame on us as nurses and not enough of the blame on the extremely broken system we work in. I do think by just the nature of healthcare, burnout will happen. However, if we had a system that truly supported us, I think it would happen a lot less and it would be a lot less severe.

You may read the title and think “well you just said we aren’t to blame but the title says we need self care.” HUMANS need self care and self compassion to lead healthier and happier lives. I don’t think yoga is going to make it so a broken health system doesn’t effect you, but I do think as nurses we do not do a good enough job of caring for ourselves. Women don’t do a good enough job of caring for ourselves. Mothers don’t do a good enough job of caring for themselves. HUMANS don’t do a good enough job… You get the point. I am not here with some toxic positivity to tell you if you take a bubble bath after work all the systemic issues will go away. I am here to say you- as a human- deserve to treat yourself with love and compassion.

Finding the Self Care for You

One type of self care isn’t right for everyone. As I have become more serious about my healing journey, I have learned that I needed to be more intentional about how, when, and what type of self care I need to do. Things that I felt I would never be able to enjoy- like meditation or yoga- I am now starting to explore. Have an open mind when deciding on practices you will incorporate to help with your stress- both at your job and at home.

Time in Nature

Time in nature is by far one of my favorite forms of self care! There is a variety of ways to use nature to help with stress reduction, improve quality of sleep, and lower anxiety and depression. Some of my favorite things include kayaking, hiking, camping, and spending time at the beach. The Nature Nurse wrote a great guest blog post: 4 Simple Nature Practices to Heal the Weary Nurse: Guest Blog Post.


One of the best forms of self care is one that is far outside of a face mask, bubble bath, or a walk in the woods. Boundaries. In order to take care of yourself- you have to have boundaries. I lacked boundaries for a large part of my life and career- and when I started learning about boundaries and how important they are, life and my career got better. One of my favorite former charge nurses who is still a very good friend of mine taught me the phrase “I’m sorry, I can’t.” That’s it. That’s the phrase you need. You don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you can’t join a committee, pick up an extra shift, volunteer at a function, go out to dinner, etc. You have to protect yourself and your time in order to life a happier, healthier life.

Join the NSN News Letter

The Nurses Supporting Nurses newsletter is a monthly email to help you find new ways to practice self care. It includes journal prompts, self care activities, and more! It is free and I would love for you to sign up here!

What self care would you like to commit to this weekend? I planned to see a good friend and spend sometime outside with my dog and husband.