32nd Birthday- Life & Thoughts on the Year Ahead

I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Friday! It was a great day filled with celebrations, cards, and sweet messages from thoughtful people.

Birthday Celebrations

My husband, sister, and brother in law surprised me with a night a Top Golf. I have been wanting to go since it opened in Greenville a couple years ago so this was the perfect birthday surprise! We ate appetizers, drank a beer, and hit golf balls! If you haven’t gone to Top Golf, I highly recommend! Whether you are a golfer or not, I think it can be fun for everyone!

We then went to Double Dogs for a night cap before Bradley surprised me with a night at a hotel. We watched tv and got to enjoy sleeping in a king size bed, but not having to share with Declan or Annabelle, 😉 Love them, but they are bed hogs lol.

Sunday- my sweet friend Christi took me to dinner at one of my favorite Mexican places and then we went to her house to watch Hocus Pocus 2. It was fun getting to have some girl time and catching up with a very special friend.

Life at 32

Life at 32 may not look exactly how I would like it too, but it’s a beautiful life none the less. The past year has held a lot of challenges- with working through covid, PTSD, catching covid (twice, sigh) and developing long haul and severe episodes of depression. Not to sound like a downer, but it has brought a lot of pain and challenges.

However, I have a wonderfully supportive husband, family, and friends that have become family. And for them, I am so grateful. I have the best fur babies a mom could ask for. Bradley and I love living tiny in our RV and are enjoying splitting time between the beach of Florida and mountains of SC/NC.

I have a new job that is allowing me to use my nursing skills in a way that is better for my mental health. I’m enjoying meeting my clients and getting to spend some 1:1 time with them (more on the new job in a later post).Nurses Supporting Nurses celebrated 6 months of support groups and providing support to my fellow nurses, nursing students, and CNAs. I have made amazing connections through this organization and I am proud of all I have done so far.

Thoughts on the Year Ahead

In the next year, I hope to continue to grow NSN into provide 1:1 peer support and other support group options. I want to continue to find ways to use my nursing license and knowledge in a way that is healthy for me. Continue on my mental health journey- including emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. I hope Bradley and I will be able to take some adventures and see at least one new place. I’m excited to see where 32 will take me and what adventures lies ahead with the people I love.

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes and for your continued support on my blog. You are appreciated.


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Melissa Weaver

It’s been a hell of a year but you made it! 💕🥂

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