Five Things I learned in Year 3 of Marriage

Today, Bradley and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe we have been married for 3 years. The third year.. was tough. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I went through terrible, debilitating depression. My husband was on year 2 of starting a business. But, we made it through, and I think we learned a lot. I learned to accept help, support, and a new appreciation for the man I married. Marrying him was by far one of the best decisions of my life. I’m sharing 5 things I learned in year 3 of marriage as well of some of my favorite pics from one of the best days ever.


I feel every year of marriage, I learn more and more about the importance of communication. Every year of life, really. I have been in therapy and did sessions with a nurse coach who works with women with chronic illness. Communication really is key to any relationship. And honestly, sometimes, Bradley and I need to focus on it more. So we are. I am more mindful to tell him plans I make (or hope to make). He is mindful of updating me on things with work. We both voice when we need something from the other. It may be cliche, but its cliche for a reason.

Photo Credit: Kylie Marie Photography

Money is Tough

Money sucks. Like, it really sucks. It can also be great. A catch 22 for sure. Being a travel nurse during a pandemic- it was great! But, going from being a travel nurse to not working was not my favorite time of our lives. I am thankful I was able to take the time to heal my mental and physical health. We learned to live on a tighter budget and make savings go further. I’m glad Bradley’s business is growing, I am getting back to work, our bank account is looking happier. This is a vunerable thing to share, but it is a part of life and marriage.


Bradley had to support our marriage (and me) in ways he never has the past year. Getting Covid in January, developing long haul, along with PTSD and depression, left me really unable to do most the things I have done our whole marriage (and most of our relationship.) I was not grocery shopping, working, cleaning, cooking, walking Declan more than occasionally. Bradley picked up the slack and I am forever thankful for that. I am back to work, back to cooking, walking Declan every day- things aren’t perfect, but they are better. But I can’t say how much it meant to me to have Bradley take care of me and us during the past year. I know, yet again, I made the right decision marrying him.

Bradley, Southpaw, & Me

Love is always evolving

Love is always evolving. It grows and changes each year. Year 3 of marriage was no difference. I have been doing a lot of work on myself. I started medication, went to therapy, saw a nurse coach, starting a support group, and work on finding new ways of supporting my mental health. Bradley has had his own personal journey too. Evolving and changing is part of life and marriage. It’s important to be open and accepting of the changes.

Have Fun

Work, family, fur babies, responsibilities, can be all consuming. There is a time to work, but you also need to have fun! Bradley owning a business, me helping with the business, it was very easy to find us working all the time. It’s honestly something we are still working on, but we are working to be more conscious of our intentional time together to just enjoy each others company and have fun! We are together a lot more both working (partially) from home and you have to be mindful to make time for you as a couple- not business partners, fur parents, etc.

Happy Anniversary to my love. Year 3 was a challenge, but I believe year 4 will be the best yet!