Blog Posts & Resources for the New Grad Nurse

Transitioning to practice as a nurse comes with its own unique set of challenges. Add in starting during a global pandemic, and you have a whole new set of unique challenges. This post provides some resources available to nurses as well as some past blog post that I feel would be beneficial to you. Sending you love and light on your journey.

Nurses Supporting Nurses

Support Groups

Nurses Supporting Nurses is an organization I founded to provide support groups to nurses and CNAs. The support group are provided free of charge but small contributions are optional. Contributions are never expected, but always appreciated. The group provides a safe and healing space to come and share your story with other nurses and CNAs. I would love to have your join a support group! Join our support group here.

How to Give an Effective Shift Report Course

Giving shift report is one of the hardest things to do as a new grad. Through my time as a nurse preceptor, I found the nurses I was orienting had a great deal of anxiety around this small but important part of nursing. I designed this free course to help you give an effective shift report- and then go home and relax after! You can take our free course here!

More Coming Soon

NSN is currently working on more offerings to support our new to practice nurses (2 years or less). We aim to offer support groups specifically to new nurses to help give you the support you need! Along with other workshops and courses to help support you. Please join our self care newsletter to stay updated on offerings for new nurses.

Debriefing the Front Line

Debriefing the Front Line is a non-profit organization that provides complimentary and low cost 1:1 debriefing sessions to nurses. I highly recommend scheduling a debriefing to discuss your experience of being a new nurse and receive help to find a way to care for yourself as a nurse.

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