Self Care & Reflection


One of the things I have been doing on my mental health healing journey is journaling. I’ll admit I’m not always the best at being consistent with journaling. However, I have noticed some benefits from it. One of the projects I’m working on involves journaling and I can’t wait until I am able to share it with you! Until then, I’m sharing some journal prompts with you today to help you do some self reflection.

Guided Breathing

Guided breathing can help you to calm your anxiety and center yourself to better concentrate and perform the task at hand. I have found whether I’m at work, a social event, or home- deep breathing can help to calm and center me. Simply closing my eyes, and taking even one or two slow deep breaths- can have a significant impact. I found a 3 minute free video from the calm app that I found helpful. It is only 3 minutes, so it is a good place to start without it being to long or overwhelming.

Calm Guided Breathing Exercise

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What self care are you practicing today?