4 year blog anniversary!

It’s hard to believe I have had this space on my little corner of the internet for 4 years! As we know, I haven’t always been the best at sticking with the regular blog post but never the less I love this space and all of you who are kind enough to visit it! I hope this space has been, and will continue to be, a source of support, knowledge, empowerment, or even just a light hearted read/laugh for my fellow nurses & other health care staff out there, as well as those non healthcare people who are willing to follow along!

I’m sharing 5 of my favorite blog post from the past year (it was hard to choose!) to celebrate this 4 year blogiversary!

  1. Burn Out & Journey to Recovery

This post I took leap of faith and talked about my current burn out at work and working to find my passion for nursing again. I still always had a love for my job and absolutely a love for my patients & fellow nurses, but hard days had lead to me feeling down and not excited to go to work. I am still on the journey but I am excited to announce a change soon that I am hoping will help me to continue to recover on my burn out journey!

2. When you don’t get the “dream job”

This is one of my favorite post because I think it’s something so important for us to discuss, especially in the nursing world. When you graduate nursing school, there are SO many options for where you can work. A lot of people also have an area they really fell in love with, and may have their heart set on working there. After my L&D practicum, I thought for sure that is where I would start my nursing journey. However, despite going above and beyond to make it happen, it just wasn’t meant to be for me at that time. I took a job on a cardiac unit and feel in love with both the nursing & the amazing nursing staff I worked with. I have learned so much in my three years on telemetry and I am so happy it is where I ended up. I wanted to share with other new nurses that you CAN find happiness in jobs other than your “dream job.”

3. Our Engagement Story

Photo Credit: The Talented Stephanie Culbertson

You know I had to include our Engagement Story when I saw I wrote this post in the past year. 🙂 Not nursing related, but by far one of my favorite post and memories of all time.

4. NCLEX 101: How to pass your NCLEX and earn your credentials

Nursing students and new graduate nurses will always be some of my favorite people & have such a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed looking back at my NCLEX study days to write this post and hope it helps out at least one nursing student as they prepare for the big test!

5. A look back at 2019

Photo Credit: Kylie Marie Photography

I had to include this post because it includes some of my favorite events from the past year including our wedding where our sweet Southpaw was the best dog of honor. It also was one of the saddest days, the day he crossed the rainbow bridge. A year full or ups and downs but still one of the best years yet.

Bonus: New in the life: Meet Declan!

I had to add a bonus post because it was the introduction of our newest family member, Declan! We love him and are so happy to have this energetic boy as a part of our family.

Thank you for being a part of this space and my journey!

I really want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog, like or share a social media post, and leave a comment. I can’t tell you how much all of those things mean to me! Some exciting changes are coming to the blog and my nursing journey so I hope you’ll stick around for another year of both nursey and non-nursing adventures!