New in the life: March 2020- Meet Declan!

Hey friends! It’s been a while! I’m not sure how time got away from me but it’s been a whole month since I published a new blog post. I’m sharing a quick life update before we get back to the regularly scheduled nursey post!

Week with the bestie

A selfie with two dogs at the dog beach is much easier said than done!

I spent an entire week with my friend, Raven. We drank margaritas and mimosas, had beach days, napped (we’re both night shifters, can you tell? lol), watched movies on the couch, went to the dog beach, made Target runs- just did all the fun things that you wish you could do when you live 500 miles apart. Thank you Raven for such a fun filled week and letting me stay twice as long as I was suppose too!

Time with my parents

Lunch outside at Squid Lips- Cocoa Beach

I unfortunately didn’t get quite as much time with my parents as I hoped but I did get to spend a few nights with them! We had beach time, checked out a new brewery, ate dinner on the water, made a Ron Jon & Toppers run- all of my favorite Florida activities! I’m already counting down the minutes until I can return for more fun in the sun.

Work Work Work

After 13 wonderful days off, it was time for me to head back to the #nurselife. And apparently I was feeling super nursey before vacation, because I signed myself up for FOUR shifts in a row upon my return. And the shifts were busy. I had sick patients, worried family members, we were short staffed some days. It’s times like these I am thankful for the awesome nurses, PCTs, and NPs I work with who help me make it through the hard days!

COVID-19 Uncertainty 

It seems like every day the world become more uncertain and concerned with the COVID-19 or corona virus. I would be lying if I didn’t say I am having some worries and anxiety myself. Our healthcare system is already short on resources, beds, and staff. Businesses are closing, and I worry how people will feed their families and pay their rent. Hospitals are restricting visitors, and I worry for patients who will be sick and alone. A quote I always find helpful in times like these, is one form Mr. Rogers.

I always find this quote so helpful during uncertain times. Focusing on the good can really help decrease your stress and anxiety and shine a positive light on bad situations. As a community, those of us who can need to be the helpers. Take a few extra minutes to sit with a scared and lonely patient. Give some words of encouragement to a nurse, doctor, RT, phlebotomist, housekeeper, any healthcare worker. Give a simple “thank you” to the retail workers who are dealing with the panic. Make sure people who are out of work, or kids are out of school, have food to eat. Small acts can make a big impact.

Meet the Newest Addition to our Family!

Declan Camp Culbertson

I brought Bradley home a much bigger souvenir from Florida than anticipated, ha! Bradley and I had been discussing adopting a puppy and he even had been looking at the Humane Society website. It hurt my heart every time we talked about it because I just couldn’t imagine another dog after the passing of my sweet Southpaw.

Then, I went to Raven’s in Florida, and met Declan. He was a surrender at her Emergency Vet clinic. His owner had broke his leg when throwing him outside and he also had contracted Parvo. 🙁 Raven kindly took over care to save Declan’s life. When a possible adoption fell through, she decided Declan would just stay with her. However, when I met Declan, I could just feel he was meant to be a part of our family. He needed us and we needed him. Raven encouraged me to take him (okay, she really sold the idea lol). Before I knew it, I was renting a car and my awesome Dad was making the 500 mile road trip back to SC with me and my new puppy! We are so thankful to Raven for caring for him and giving us this gift. We love him already and he fits in perfectly with our family!

Road Trip with Dad & Declan


This weekend, Bradley and I took Declan on a few different nature trail walks and just got use to being a family of four! I am heading back to the hospital tonight where we are now under visitor restrictions, so I am praying everyone practices grace and understanding. Share below something good that has happened to you in the past month, I would love to hear!

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Melissa Weaver

It’s been a great week despite the dreaded Coronavirus! I’ve had some awesome days on the beach soaking up the sun while maintaining social distancing! 😎 🏖 🌴 🍻

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