Pet E-Therapy/National Pet Day April 2022

Happy National Pet Day! Last month I decided we would have a monthly Pet E-Therapy on the blog! I will share facts about how animals can help our mental health- as well as share pictures of my pets as well as yours! I love looking at pictures of pets and I feel it always has a positive effect on me, so I hope it will help you as well! I would love to share pictures of your animals, so please email me at to submit so I can share! Give you pets some extra love, hugs, and treats today!

Pets & Mental Health

  • Boost self confidence. Pets are excellent listener, provide unconditional love, and won’t criticize you. This can help with self confidence, especially if you feel lonely or misunderstood.
  • Added structure to your day. Having an animal requires you to feed, care and exercise for your pet. This helps created a routine which can make you feel more grounded and focuses.

And now, the pet pics…

My mom sent me this picture of our dog, Ronald Jonathon- RJ for short. He was so sweet and goofy. My sister and I found him when he was around 2 years old running around town. We coached him into our car, snuck him into the garage, then the next morning told my parents “we found a dog and we will take him to the shelter.” He never went to the shelter. He lived out his retirement in Florida and loved sunbathing, all treats, and stealing food from the counter. He lives over the rainbow bridge now and we miss him so much.

I found this adorable photo of Annabelle, my cat, as a kitten. I miss her being this small!

Declan recently went with us to my parents and he stared at my dad until he gave him his chair (note: the couch was completely free.) Then proceeded to take his afternoon nap there. Spoiled is an understatement.

One of my favorite pictures of me and my fur babies. This is us passed out on the couch for an afternoon nap after I returned from my sisters bridal show.

Do you have any pets (or niece/nephews/grandkids that are pets ;-)? How will you celebrate them? 


**This blog and/or blog post are not therapy or substitution of therapy. This is simply a monthly dose of happiness to soothe our souls.