Pet E-Therapy March 2022

I am going to do a monthly post where we all take a breather away from the heavy (yet important) topics we sometimes discuss here and talk about something much happier- pets. Welcome to the first session of “pet e-therapy.”

One of my dreams is to have a therapy dog and go to visit not only the patients- but the staff at local hospitals and nursing homes. Until that dream is realized we will be having monthly pet therapy on the blog. It is no secret I absolutely love my fur babies. They truly are like my children (keep any shade to yourself, please.) They have been my comfort and support through some of the hardest times in my life. They have helped me through depression, anxiety, grief, and PTSD. They also have been there for some of the happiest times of my life as well. To be loved by a dog or cat is a special bond that I hope everyone knows in their lifetime.

A few fun facts about pets & your health:

  • Pets can help you manage anxiety by providing companionship & support.*
  • Pets can help you be more active. They give you a reason to be outside, be active, and get fresh air. This also can result in better sleep!*
  • The bond with a pet can help you feel not alone. When a pet owner sees, touches, hears, or talks to their companion, it brings a sense of happiness and nuturing.*

And now the best part- pictures of my pets! I will try to bring a collection of my own pets, my fur nieces and nephews, friends pets, and I would love to feature your pet! If you have any type of pet you would like to have featured on social media or the blog- please email me at ! I would love to see and share with our community here! They can be earth side or over the rainbow bridge, all animals our family forever!

My cat, Annabelle- clearly the queen and full of sass.

Our dog, Declan. He is full of energy and just generally loves life!

Our dog, Southpaw who lives over the rainbow bridge. He was the best boy and the dog of honor/ring bearer in our wedding.

Declan when we first brought him home 2 years ago.

I know I love pet pictures, so I am hoping you do too! Pet E-Therapy will just be a fun, relaxing way to end our week once a month. Please send me your photos so I can feature your pets on the blog and social media!

Find a dog/cat/bunny/whatever animals makes you happy to love and pet this weekend!