The day is here! Today, Florence Nightingale’s birthday, nurses are taking to the steps of the nation’s capital to make our voices heard and advocate for our patients and our profession! I can’t think of a better way to honor one of the founders of modern nursing!Read More

Happy Nurses Week!

nurses week

Nurses are the heart of healthcare. We walk side by side with our patients to provide hope and comfort in their darkest time. Skillfully we administer medication, treatments, assessments, and monitor a patient’s total care. We are there when life is brought into this world and when souls leave this world. Read More

Safe Staffing SAVES Lives!

safe staffing love

  • ICU nurses are taking FOUR patients.
  • Telemetry nurses are taking EIGHT patients.
  • Medical/Surgical Nurses are taking TEN patients.
  • Psychiatric Nurses are taking TWELVE patients

This is not a joke! These are real numbers I am hearing from real nurses, and it has to stop! Read More

Mental Health Nursing: Why It’s Important

metal health

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine consisted of working one thirteen hour and one fourteen hour shift! I had taken time off while I was in psych (I’m float pool/PRN at my job) so it was nice to see my work friends and get back into the groove of the nurse life! I now have five full days off that require no classes, work, studying, homework, clinical, or clinical paperwork!Read More

Hello World!

Hey there! I’m Megan. Welcome to my blog! I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse and a full time RN student. To say the least, the last four years have been a crazy adventure! Three years ago, I graduated from my practical nursing program. I began working at a Skilled Nursing Facility on the Transitional Care Unit as a full time night shift nurse. Two years ago, I returned to college full time to finish my RN prerequisites and earned my Associate of Science Degree.  Currently, I am a full time RN student and float pool LPN.


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