Friday Favorites 5-13-16

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week! I am looking forward to my first weekend off in a few weeks. I’m wrapping up another week of blogging with a “Friday Favorites” post. Join in and share your Friday Favorite in the comment section!


First off, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who read my post from yesterday! You are all so amazing! I am overwhelmed with how many people read, liked, and shared it on social media! Thank you so much for helping spread this important message and supporting nurses in the fight for safe staffing. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out and see what nurses are doing to bring safe staffing to all facilities!

I watched the live stream of the rally in DC yesterday and it was amazing! It honestly brought me to tears at times, there was so much truth being spoken! I send special thanks to anyone who attended the rally. Safe Staffing is something so near to my heart and is so important for the safety of our patients and our nurses! I know to many of us have felt the pain of being overworked and understaffed, and I feel this movement is a giant step in the right direction for better nursing care and happier nurses! Visit Show Me Your Stethoscopes YouTube channel to see the rally if you missed it, it is really worth the watch!

Nurses Week 2016

Another Nurses Week is in the books! I hope everyone was able to feel some nursey love this week! Saturday I was passing my morning meds when one of the sweet ladies from the activity department came up to tell me a funnel cake truck was outside for Nurses Week! This was a sweet surprise and added some happy to my day! I am sad to say nothing was planned for night shift though, and I feel like at many facilities night shift are forgotten when it comes to special events like this. I left work Saturday and made a food run, then headed back to drop off some love in the break room for my amazing night shift crew! I worked weekend night shift for three years so I know it sucks when day shift and weekday folks get all the fun! Everyone seemed to appreciate my small token of gratitude and it was fun to deliver some cheer to my old crew!

Yappy Hour 

Our local no-kill humane society holds a “Yappy Hour” fundraiser once a month from April thru October. For ten dollars a person you can bring your dog to play off leash in their fenced yard, and they provide pizza, beer from a local brewery, and a live band for the pet parents to enjoy! It is always a lot of fun and Southpaw (my dog) loves it!

That wraps up another week! Sending positive vibes to all my fellow nurses out there who are working Friday the 13th! May your coffee be strong and your patients “calm!” 😉 Thank you again to everyone who has shown my blog some love, I appreciate all of you! I hope everyone has a great weekend, I will be back next week!

What is your Friday Favorite for the week? Any thought to add on #NursesTakeDC?

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 5-13-16”


What an amazing turnout for #NursesTakeDC ! It’s great to see nurses uniting as one to take a stand on such an important issue! I hope this is the first of many to protest the issue that is so important to everyone, nurses, cnas, patients and families. Safe staffing is a serious issue and our voices need to be heard. I sent emails to our Congressmen this week and I hope everyone else did too.

The highlight of my week was having dinner at the Port with my hub. Nothing like Florida sunshine and fresh seafood. Life is good!

    Megan W

    I totally agree! Safe staffing affects everyone, not just nurses and patients! Everyone needs to be calling congressman, rallying, and spreading the word!
    Sounds like the perfect night to me!

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