Travel Nurse Adventures: The Face Palm Moments

I’m officially hitting the two month mark of my travel nurse contract and it feels I’m great! I’m finally starting to learn my way around the hospital and finding my groove for a typical shift. However, the past few months have definitely had some *face palm* moments. You know, the moments that when they happen all you can think is “is this real life!?” Sharing a couple of those here today to hopefully start your weekend off with a smile!

Lost in The Hospital

This has happened more than once. It’s a big hospital and I float to a different unit every time I work, so it’s easy to get lost. One of the most memorable, I went to a unit in the “C” zone of the hospital which is two buildings over (they are still all connected.) I have to walk back to the main part to clock out in the nursing supervisor office and get to my car. As I was walking I was sure I knew where I was going, until I realized I was surrounded by the Cath lab and OR suites. It was a Sunday too, so no one was around. I walked around for about 20 minutes with Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” playing in my head. Ha. Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at all? I finally found my way out and then took the wrong exit, even while using GPS. *Face palm* Also, can I point out it took me 3 weeks to finally be able to find my way out of the parking garage on the first try. Post night shift navigating is hard.

Airport Troubles 

This may be the most embarrassing moment I have had yet. I flew home (Greenville) recently for a doctors appointment and stayed with my sister for two nights. I flew straight from work Tuesday morning and was up for around 30 hours. I don’t think I had quite recovered from the no sleep and fun. I had a 2 hour layover in Charlotte, NC. I checked the status and gate for my flight (C concourse) when I got off the plane with the attendant,, then again on the departure board. Everything was set for 5pm so I decided to walk closer to my gate to get some food since it was on the other side of the airport. I ate and was heading to my gate around 4. I got all the way to my gate and looked at the Depature board and say E34 4:15 pm for flight to Greenville. The concourse I had just walked from!! My heart sank and I went sprinting across the airport with my little rolling suitcase. I had just put my sweat shirt on so by the time I made it to the gate I was burning up and a ball of stress. As I approached the gate I saw the sign said “Boarding Closed.” I went up to the attendant and asked if they changed the flight!? My boarding pass still said 5! She apologized and told me to go talk to the desk at the front and they could rebook me.

I knew the other flight didn’t leave until almost 9. I called my parents almost in tears. I was tired, frustrated I could have stayed with my sis longer, frustrated I wouldn’t see my husband for dinner, and didn’t want to stay in the airport another 4.5 hours. I even took a screen shot of my boarding pass to prove that it said 5pm. After talking to my parents for longer than I care to admit, that’s when I realized…. I was going to Washington D.C., NOT Greenville. *insert face palm moment.* I again didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. In my head, I just kept thinking I was going “home” to Bradley and the fur babies, which would typically be Greenville. But this time, it was Washington D.C. So I got to walk across the whole airport again and made my flight back to D.C.

There have been many other moments and I’m sure there are more to come! I hope this gave you a little smile on this Thursday with all the uncertainty and craziness of our current world. My friend Raven comes today so I am so excited for a fun weekend with her! Have a great weekend!


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Enjoy your much deserved weekend. ❤️

Melissa Weaver

Thanks for providing a much needed laugh during the nightmare they call a pandemic. 😎🤣😷🍷

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