Thursday Thoughts- 9/1/16

Hey Hey! I hope you all are doing well! Life is crazy and busy right now! I started Pediatric Nursing last week (6 months until graduation!), have been working when shifts are open, plus Bradley and I are working on a few “projects” on the weekends. I have some more nursey posts in the works, but I decided to write a quick hodgepodge post on the happenings of my life and some recent thoughts!

I am new to the blogging world and still learning a lot! I am working on how to write a quality post, coming up with topics, and figuring out how often I want to post. On top of that, there is all kinds of undiscovered things I can do with WordPress to improve my actual blog site! To be honest, it can be overwhelming at times with so many options and directions. I had high expectation to post 3-4 times a week when I first started. However, I’m realizing with school, work, and life in general right now I may not be there yet, especially when you factor in my inexperience and the learning curve. Thank you to everyone who continues to follow along on my journey and support this special space of mine, you are all awesome! I want this blog to stay a source of fun and enjoyment for me (and love and encouragement for you!), not stress, so bare with me as I continue to work through the initial learning stage!

I have finished up my second week of Pediatric Nursing. If I’m being honest, this is one of the classes that makes me the most nervous! I loved OB and working with babies was comfortable for me, but the idea of working with kids scares me a little! In my LPN program I always felt awkward at my Peds clinicals, like I didn’t know exactly how do what needed to be done. Also, the idea of holding down a screaming toddler for a vaccine sounds scary to me. However, I am working to find enjoyment in this class and remain open minded. So far I am liking the class way more than I thought I would! I really find the things we learn in lecture to be interesting and my instructors are great.

For clinicals this week we went to Head Start to do vision and hearing screenings. It was my first experience with the community health/school nurse setting (except for some health fairs I have done) and I loved it! I see myself working in acute care when I graduate, but at some point in my career I definitely can see me trying out something like this. This is one of the many things i LOVE about nursing, you have so many paths you can take! Working with the kids was fun and they were so cute! It also was a rewarding experience and I feel like we did a good service for our community.

I am off to get ready for work! I am excited to work my twelve tomorrow and then enjoying a three day weekend! I’m sure they’ll be a fare share of schoolwork done this weekend, but I am looking forward to not being on a schedule for three days!

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!