The End of My Nursing School Journey

Yesterday was my last day of nursing school! Friday was the last test- Monday was a much easier day consisting of final evaluations and turning in badges, parking passes, and paperwork. It is a bittersweet and surreal feeling to be done with nursing school. This one may be ending, but a new and exciting one is beginning.

Thank You, D15!

The people you go to class with become your close friends and school family. You celebrate the highs and encourage each other through the lows. You experience it all together- tests, long lectures, clinical experiences, lab days, skills checkoffs, and the list goes on. At pinning rehearsal yesterday we watched a slide show that was created for pinning. It was emotional to think we won’t be seeing each other 4-5 days a week anymore! Graduating is a beautiful and exciting step- but also a scary one that comes with a lot of change. I want to thank everyone from GTC School of Nursing Class D-15 for a fantastic year of learning and growing together! Good luck to everyone on their future careers as RNs!

Pinning Ceremony

Today is the pinning ceremony which marks the end of my nursing school journey. I have a lot of family and friends coming to show their love and support which means so much to me. Pinning is such a beautiful and meaningful ceremony and I I also have a lot of people supporting and celebrating with me who cannot make it to pinning. I am truly blessed to have so many beautiful people in my life.


I have jumped through all the hoops, paid lots of money, and I am applied for the NCLEX! The school will send out my endorsement saying I completed my degree on Thursday and then I will just be waiting for my ATT (authorization to test) which will grant me the ability to set a test date. I feel like my school has really prepared me for state boards so I hope to take NCLEX in mid to late March.

I have decided this week I will enjoy spending time with family and celebrate graduating nursing school! It has been a long and hard program and I have put countless hours into studying and course work- I think it is time for a well deserved break! Next Monday however I will be back to the grind by starting my NCLEX study plan and my job search!

Thank you to everyone who has read and supported my blog and journey through nursing school! Your love, support, and encouragement mean so much to me! 

4 thoughts on “The End of My Nursing School Journey”

Bradley Culbertson

Super awesome job baby! Love you!

Deidra Hagman

You are going to do great things as a nurse!! I hope you continue to share your journey as a RN with the world. I am so happy for you. Thanks for being such a great friend and mentor. You will forever be my nurse mom. Love you Meg’s. 😘😘😘

    Megan W

    Thank you for all the love and support the past 3 years! You will be here before you know it!

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