Setting Your Nursey New Year’s Resolution


New Year’s Resolutions- people either love ’em or hate ’em. I personally like setting resolutions, as cliche as it may be. Setting goals and working to better yourself is something we all should do! It’s not something I do just at the beginning of the year though- I work to find my weak areas and make goals to help me improve through out the year.

You can set New Year’s Resolutions for any area in your life you look to improve on- relationships, fitness, financial- whatever it may be. But what about setting a nursey resolution? This is something nursing students AND nurses should do- and something we should always do! Nursing is an ever evolving field- it is one of the things I LOVE about nursing! Therefore, as nurses, we should work and strive to evolve with it. With the high burn out rate that occurs in nursing, setting and working toward goals can help keep you motivated and happy in your career.

So many times people (including me) set resolutions and never follow through! Setting your resolution is not enough- you have to come up with a plan! Sounds a lot like a care plan- don’t ya think? Now, don’t go running for the hills! I’m not asking you to come up with a full nursing diagnosis and care plan here. However, following the basics of a care plan can help you accomplish your resolution! First- set your goal (including a time for it to be accomplished). Next- develop interventions to help you reach your goal (I’ll let you leave out the rationasl though 😉 )! Last- evaluate your progress and make changes as necessary.
Set Your Resolution

When working to set your nursey resolution as a nurse- think about things that interest you, things that you struggle with, or where you see yourself going in your career. Your resolution should be something you want and that interests you to keep you motivated! Some ideas for Nursey New Years Resolutions include:

  • Join a professional organization
  • Improve time management
  • Become a certified RN in your specialty
  • Further your education (RN, BSN, Grad school)
  • Get a job in a new specialty or facility
  • Complete CEUs in an area your interested/work in

Nursing students want to follow the same thought process with choosing a goal. What will make you a better student? What is something you would like to be more knowledgeable on? Some ideas include:

  • Get more organized
  • Work to lessen test anxiety
  • Procrastinate Less
  • Join your Student Nurse Association
  • Attend a professional conference
  • Be more proactive in clinical

After you choose a resolution(s), it’s time to set a date to accomplish it! Look at what your resolution is to set a date that is appropriate. Obviously, the end goal is to accomplish it by the end of the year. However, we all know how easy it is to procrastinate and put things off over a year! Setting a specific date will help to keep you on track.

Develop Interventions

This part of the process is going to be specific to whatever resolution you choose. If you choose to join a professional organization- your interventions may include researching different organizations, applying, and attending a conference or local chapter meeting. If you choose to go back to school- this will be more in-depth including paying for tuition, arranging work schedules, and developing the discipline of a student again! Whatever you choose- listing out ways to help you accomplish your resolution will help you be successful!

Evaluation of Your Resolution 

As we move through the year, you will want to look at your progress and how you are moving toward your resolution. Are you moving forward? Are you interventions working? If yes- great! Keep doing what your doing! If not- it’s time to make a change so you can be successful! Set times to reevaluate and see how your doing- every month, every 3 months, halfway through the year- whatever works for you and your resolutions!

Following these simple steps and writing out your goals will help you to achieve them. Setting your resolutions will lead you to personal and professional growth which in turn will lead to a happier and more satisfied life! Nursing is a tough but beautiful profession. Nursing school is a tough but amazing journey. Let’s all work to be happier and healthier nurses and nursing students this year!

Stop back by the blog on New Years Day where I will be sharing my resolutions- both nursey and for my blog!

What are you resolutions (nursey and personal)? How do you plan to achieve them? 

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