Self Care Sunday

Hello and Happy Sunday, friends! I can’t believe we have made it to another week! I want to encourage all of you to take a few minutes on this Sunday to show yourself some love with self care. I always like to point out that I realize self care is more than skin care and bubble baths, but sometimes what you need is skin care and a bubble bath. I have a wide range of things that bring me happiness and relaxation- from therapy to skin care.

Skin Care

I love a good face mask and a refreshing class of sparkling water or wine, depending on how I am feeling that day! Pair it with a good play list or a book and it can lead to a very relaxing night of self care. One of my favorite clay face mask is from Skin Pharm. A woman and NP owned skin boutique that is now in multiple states. It is a bit of an investment, but the mask has lasted me months and it works magic on my skin. (Note: It can be a bit spicy, but it’s great!)

Clay Time Face Mask

*The clay time mask is currently sold out but I highly recommend ordering once it’s available!

Bubble Bath

A relaxing bubble bath is one of my favorite types of self care. Again, paired with one of my favorite books or play list and it’s a great way to relax. Bonus, it also can help with sore and tired muscles after a loooong shift. Dr. Teal’s is one of my absolute favorites to help with sore muscles and relaxation. A bath in their lavender foaming bath helps me relax and fall asleep- both at night and post night shift!

Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath

Time Outside

I know a lot of the country is seeing snow, but spring is just around the corner! I love a wide range of outdoor activities (expect a full blog post on that coming soon!) but a few include walks with my dog, kayaking, and laying by the pool or beach! If you enjoy any beverage that come in the slim 12 oz cans- sparkling water, White Claw, Corona Light- whatever it may be- these slim can coozies are a must! I gifted both my sister and sister-in-law with one because I loved it so much and they love theirs too! I also have purchased the regular coozie for some guys in my life and they also gave excellent reviews! It comes in 24 different colors incase the mermaid vibes aren’t for you.

Slim Can Coozie

Alright friends, no matter if it’s on this list or something else- please take the time to practice some self care on this Sunday! Sending you all love and light for a good week ahead. 

**Please note: This blog post contains affiliate links. These are items that I have used and loved for a long time, long before an affiliate link. Purchasing through these links simply gives me a very small commission to help run the blog! Thank you!

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