“Pet E-Therapy” August 2022

Hello & Happy Friday! Welcome to “Pet E-Therapy!” A blog post which is basically an excuse to share cute pictures of my pets! One of my favorite parts of working in the hospital was when the therapy dogs came to visit- especially when they would bring them to visit staff! I felt like the vibe of the unit instantly shifted. Nurses and CNAs could take a deep breath and become calmer. So, this is my way of giving a little bit of that on the internet every month.

Annabelle & Declan napping together- my fur mom heart can’t take how cute they are!

Our dog who is over the rainbow bridge now, ready to go on a camping trip. That pack was a little big but he loved it.


Molly (front) and Sadie when I went on a girls trip to Southport this summer- so cute!

Declan passed out after our long drive to Greenville.

Annabelle being Annabelle 🙂

I hope these photos brought a little joy to your day! Feel free to share some pet photos over on Instagram.


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Melissa Weaver

💕 One of your best blog posts!

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