One Line a Day Communication: Text Support Line


I am proud to introduce the newest offering of support from¬†Nurses Supporting Nurses, our “One Line a Day Communication: Text Support Line.” This subscription is designed for nurses, CNAs, and nursing students, but it will be beneficial to all healthcare workers or any person looking for a daily text of support.

Your monthly (or yearly for a discount!) subscription will include:

  • A daily graphic with love and encouragement/affirmation. This is sent by me, founder of NSN, blogger, and Registered Nurse. It’s not an automated text. (see example below)
  • Respond to me in real time for additional support. It can be nursing related or personal- a nurse is waiting to listen and provide you with love and support.

Example of the daily text you will receive with the text support line.

Your subscription will go to supporting Nurses Supporting Nurses- an organization founded by me that provides free support groups and other mental health resources to nurses and CNAs.

I am excited and thankful to offer this offering of love and support. I think text is a perfect place to receive a daily dose of encouragment as well as a comfortable place to receive additional support. You don’t ever have to respond, but the option is there if you feel you want to.

To Subscribe (there is both a monthly and yearly option) : Please visit the NSN shop:

Thank you for your continued support of the blog and Nurse Supporting Nurses.