Recent Post on the Blog- 3/25/22

Hello, friends! Happy Friday! It feels so good to be spending more time in my little corner of the internet and having the time, desire, and creativity to write more frequent blog post. Writing really feels like a form of therapy but also distraction for me. I’m hoping to continue writing and find more ways to help my fellow CNAs, nurses, nursing student, and APRNs. I’m sharing some recent post you may have missed for your Friday morning or weekend reading.

RaDonda Vaught Criminal Trial

This has been my most viewed post this month on the blog. Radonda Vaught is a nurse who made a fatal but accidental med error and is now facing criminal charges. This post goes over the med error in more detail, the trial, and what concerns this raises for nurses. The trial ended yesterday, 3/24. We are awaiting the verdict. Look for a new blog post coming with an update on the trial, it should be posted in the next day or two.

Tips for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

I’m really proud of the amount of helpful information I put in this post. I think it’s an excellent read for both experienced and new CNAs, as well as nursing students and new nurses. CNAs are such an important part of the healthcare team and I truly appreciate them.

Preparing for Senior Practicum

I wrote a post about Senior Practicum for nurses students. Senior Practicum is when you are a assigned a nurse and work their scheduled shifts with them for a set amount of hours. It gives you a better picture of what the future holds as a new nurse. It can be really scary and expectations can be high- read this to learn my tips and thoughts on how to be successful.

Behind the Covid Unit Doors- One Nurse’s Perspective

This is one of the most intimate and personal blog post I have ever done and also one I am most proud of. I share a glimpse into what a 12 hour shift was like behind the Covid Unit Doors. And the effect it had on me after I walked off the unit.

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