Nursing School Update: Halfway through my last semester!

I am officially hitting the half way point on my last class of nursing school. It is hard to believe how fast it is going! Life has been busy, busy, busy! I haven’t had the chance to post on the blog of social media much, so here is a short life update!

Last Final Exam of Nursing School

Thursday I took my last final exam of nursing school (well, of this program at least 😉 !) This class we only had one test, the final- over everything we had learned: ethics, legal, leadership, disruptive behavior, nursing research, and management. It was packed full of information. While this is our last final of the semester- we still have to complete ATI Capstone (weekly assessment, post-assessment assignments, and study for NCLEX) as well as our ATI Comprehensive Test the last week of class- which is basically a 160 question, 3 hour, practice NCLEX.

We also had a lot of projects in this class. We had to complete a resume, cover letter, nursing philosophy, and practice interview letters to prepare us for our job hunt which was extremely helpful and a project I was happy to do! One of my instructors was recently on the hiring committee for a unit at a local hospital and she gave a great lecture on resume writing and interviewing! Once I make my way into the interview and application process I hope to share my experience as well as her tips! We also did projects on legal/ethical issues, lateral violence/disruptive behavior, and a group research critique.

Simulation Capstone

Tuesday we had our simulation capstone at the sim center. I don’t want to put to much information on here because they are pretty strict on keeping everything confidential. However, I drew the position of the charge nurse. The rest of my team was assigned to a patient with various diagnosis. I had met up with my nursey school friend to practice all the possible scenarios the day before. I had memorized drugs, treatments, and nursing interventions. I thought this would prepare me for charge nurse- it did not! I felt lost and like any interaction I tried to have with a fellow student was just me interrupting them. However, we all survived and I am happy to say I received a good grade despite me feeling like a failure at the end.

Senior Practicum

We will not be having anything on campus for the next 3 weeks because we have finally hit the point of completing our Senior Practicum! This is where we are paired with a nurse to work one-on-one with them. We work whatever their schedule is for a total of 108 hours. I am very excited to say that I was placed on a labor and delivery unit! This is a pretty competitive specialty when it comes to practicum placement so I feel extremely blessed and thankful for this opportunity. I will be working night shift which I’m a little nervous about. I haven’t worked nights in over a year and have totally switched to a day shift schedule! I can hardly stay up past midnight anymore-ha! I have been trying to stay up late the past few nights- I have been only slightly successful. It’s currently 2am and I still feel awake so hopefully I can keep going!

How is everyone’s semester going? 





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