Monday Motivation- Summer Semester

Good Morning! Today is the day my three weeks of summer break ends and I am back to the books! I am starting Mom/Baby today and feeling both nervous and excited! I took Mom/Baby in my LPN program so I have some experience with the concepts and clinical setting. I honestly was one of the only people in my LPN class who was not excited for the class because I didn’t think I would enjoy it, then it turned out I LOVED clinical and class! I look forward to seeing what experiences and knowledge I get in this class.

Summer Semester

To all my fellow students returning for summer semester, good luck! Let’s be honest, 8am class and 6am clinical is not necessarily my idea of a fun time in the summer but it is going to be worth it! I have been taking summer classes for the past three years, so I totally understand wanting a break! I am looking forward to a break next summer when I will hopefully be graduated! However, at the moment I am in the trenches of nursing school and it’s time to knock out another semester!


Just because it’s summer does not mean we get to slack off! We have to keep our focus on our classes and hit the books! I know at times it’s hard to see the light, but nursing school is not forever! There is an end and when we reach it, we will be nurses! Nursing is such a beautiful and amazing profession and we are blessed to be on this path to join it.

The biggest thing for success is to stay organized. Know when assignments are due and do not procrastinate to do them. Make a study plan and stick to it. If your lacking motivation to study make a change. Head to the library, Starbucks, back porch, whatever place you feel you can find your focus! It’s amazing how sometimes changing up your environment can help you feel energized and ready to study. Also, talk to your classmates! They may be up for some study sessions to help change things up and keep you going! You are intelligent and strong and you can do this! Study hard, stay dedicated, and good things will come!

Have Some Fun!


Yes, we have to keep our focus, but we also need to treat ourselves a little! Hit the pool once in a while (but wear your sunscreen!), head to the lake or beach for a day with friends or family (again, sunscreen!), sit out by a camp fire and roast some s’mores! Whatever summer fun makes you smile, make sure you get it in! Sure, we may not get as much time as we did before nursing school to enjoy our beloved activities, but it doesn’t mean we have to completely miss out!

Good Luck this semester! Let’s do this!