Life Update

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I decided to write a little life update with some pictures just for fun before we start diving in to all thing nursey next week! A few things have changed in the past 1.5 years that I have been away from the blogging world. I went from being a new grad RN to making my way into becoming one of the experienced nurses on the floor. The beginning of last year, I was asked to get my feet wet with by precepting a travel nurse. A few months later, I took a practicum student in her last semester of nursing school. Last fall, I completed Preceptor 101, a class required by my hospital to orient new graduate nurses. And finally, in December, I was gifted a new graduate nurse to orient! I spent 6 weeks total (other weeks were spent on days) orienting my nursling. It confirmed I love teaching and helping to grow and educate new grad nurses! My next new grad will be coming to join me on nights in just a few weeks! I also decided to continue my academic journey and I am finishing up my second semester of a full time RN-BSN program and will graduate in August.

On a more personal note, some highlights of the past year:

Bradley proposed and we are engaged! (as if full time nurse and full time student wasn’t enough to see me busy 😉 hehe)

Wedding date October 12, 2019

Taylor Swift Reputation Tour with my sister/bestie

Celebrating my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary and seeing my family

I said “Yes” to the dress

Bradley’s talented sister photographed some engagement pictures

And traveled to a few of my favorite places

My current plan for the blog is to publish a new post every Wednesday, 2-3 Instagram posts a week, and of course some IG stories, because who doesn’t like some IG stories?  😉 I’m telling you my plan for the blog to hold myself accountable and help keep the anxieties at bay. Thank you for stopping by and letting me share some fun from the past couple years with you! Check back next week when the nursey fun will begin!