Life Update- Feburary 2023

Happy New Year, friend! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and your new year is off to a new start! I can’t believe  we are through the month of January already!

I thought we would take a little time to catch up on all the happenings around here. The past couple months have really gotten to me! It’s been busy, but I feel like things are finally on a good path.

Back to the Sunshine State

Bradley and I weren’t sure exactly what we wanted to do this fall. We love being in Greenville and close to family and friends, but we also love being in Florida and close to family and friends! It can really be a challenge when your family and friends are far apart. We decided that since we love Florida in the winter and we already had a spot reserved, we would return to our camper in Florida for the winter. It’s been great being able to enjoy warm days, sunshine, and the beach!

New Job

Yep, I am back to the nursing world in a new way. I had a job in Greenville I really enjoyed doing Medicaid Assessments for a non-skilled home health company. Basically, I went and did in home assessments for anyone who was receiving services from our home health aides. I also did orientation for the CNAs which I really enjoyed. The downside was there weren’t always many hours and it really didn’t pay well. I also didn’t use many skills as it mostly was assessing the persons home and basic needs.

I knew I was ready to find a job with more hours and more money, and felt ready to go back to nursing a little more. The move gave me the push I needed to start looking and applying for job. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do. Eventually after a lot of thought, I realized it wasn’t time to go back to the hospital. I need to continue to care for both my physical and mental health. I decided to apply for home health jobs and got 2 interview offers within a day of applying. By the end of the next week, I had two offers.

I took a job with the smaller home health company and so far I’m loving it! The people I work with are really nice. It is a skilled home health company so our patients receive care in their homes- we offer nursing services (wound care, skilled assessments, IV infusions, wound vac management, etc) as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. I typically see 4-6 patients a day for a variety of needs. I drive and provide care in their homes. It’s nice to be back to nursing in a less stressful environment but still getting to use my skills! I’ll share more about my job in upcoming post but so far, I’m really enjoying it and happy I chose this route.

Bradley’s Birthday

January 17 we celebrated Bradley’s birthday with sushi in Cocoa Village- a quaint little downtown area here. We had never been to the restaurant before but it was delicious and we look forward to going back! After we went to a new kava bar in Cocoa Beach that I was very impressed with! It was really nice and reminded you of a “regular” bar you would go to for a nice cocktail! If you don’t know what Kava it- it’s a root extract (basically a tea) used in the Pacific Islands. It gives you a bit of a “social” feeling and is used for celebrations typically.

Dry January

Today officially ends my dry January! I really have slowed down on drinking since getting long haul, but when I realized I hadn’t drank since some champagne on NYE around mid January- I decided to keep it going and finish out a dry January. I haven’t drank any this month- but Athletic Brew non-alcoholic beer is one I have tried in the past and it taste pretty dang close to a regular craft beer. Definitely try it out if your looking for a NA alternative. I want to try the ritual proof tequila and some NA wine as well!

Thanks for stopping in for a little life update! I hope you are doing great! What’s new for you? How is your New Year? Any goals, intention, or resolutions? Share below!