Life Lately- Spring 2021

Hello! Sharing a little catch up on what we have been up too the past few months. We are still on assignment on the Space Coast, Florida. I renewed my contract for another 13 weeks because I liked my job and was LOVING my time off! Beach, pool, river, sunshine all make for some great days off. 😉

Life Lately…

We weren’t sure if we would like our campground when we first arrived. We had very little options coming at the time of the snowbirds and this was the only long term spot I could find. Thankfully, it’s turned out great. There is a nice pool, laundry facility, the neighbors and staff are friendly, and we have settled in to our new home.

My sister in love, Stephanie, was working as a photographer at a sports complex about an hour from us. When she realized that, we decided to make a trip of it! She was able to come stay with us for a few days and enjoy some beach and pool time, cook out and chill at the camper, and see her first rocket launch!

My sister said yes to the dress! We spent a weekend in Charleston, SC dress shopping and I am so excited to say that she found the most perfect and beautiful dress!

She also asked me to be her Matron of Honor and I happily said “yes!” I can’t wait to stand by her side on her special day!

My husband and I are fully vaccinated! Along with my parents, Bradley’s parents, my sister and future brother in law! I am so thankful for all the hardworking scientist, researchers, healthcare workers, and all the other people involved who helped make this vaccine possible.

We were able to see a manned rocket launch! This rocket was heading to take four astronauts to the International Space Station! I have seen several launches between the shuttle program and the current rocket launches, but this was by far the most beautiful and amazing launch I have ever seen! We sat with my parents on the beach at 0600 and watched the launch, it was an awesome experience.

The Cocoa Beach Air Show thankfully was on a weekend I was off, so we got to sit on the beach with my parents and watch! So many awesome planes and talented pilots, the finale was watching the Thunderbirds perform- so amazing!

Our friend Justin came from Greenville to visit the past week and we packed a lot of adventure into his time here! I was thankfully off for 8 nights (thank you, 3 12s) so it was like a vacation for me too! We went kayaking at Merritt Island Nature Refuge, went to the beach, saw two rocket launches, rented a pontoon boat for the day, and explored Kennedy Space Center! Bradley and I purchased season passes to Kennedy Space Center so expect a full post to come!

Declan’s first boat ride- he loved it!

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