Happy Valentine’s Day! 10 reason I LOVE Nursing

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know some people think it’s corny or a “fake” holiday, but I always have had a soft spot for all the pink and love involved on February 14. This post is my virtual Valentines Day card to all you amazing nurses, nursing students, and PCT/CNAs out there (and you amazing non-nursing peeps who support my blog)! THANK YOU for all you do and the love you provide!

Ten Reasons I LOVE Nursing <3

1. Flexibility of Scheduling

There are so many scheduling options available for nurses! Day shift, night shift, M-F, 12 hour shifts, 10 hour shifts, 8 hour shifts, weekends. There are endless possibilities to find a schedule that works for you! I currently work 3 12 hour shifts and I love it! Yes, they are long shifts. Yes, sometime nights leaves me feeling exhausted (and it may not be the shift of choice for me forever.) However, I love having my four days off and being able to have 3-7 days off at a time without using PTO!

2. Find the Job You Love

There are SO many jobs and different specialties/facilities nurses can work in- it allows everyone to find their niche and a place where there are happy! It also allows for nurses to change jobs to allow for growth, you are not stuck in one exact job forever. Hospitals, doctor offices, clinics, home health, various specialties and jobs- so many opportunities!

3. Nurses are the BEST people

I LOVE nurses! They are some of the best people. Nurses are kind, caring, funny, resourceful, smart, and bad ass people. The nurses in my life have helped me to grow as a nurse and better care for my patients. There are also nurses in my life who have become family. They have shown me love and support in both my nurse life but also my personal life.


4. No Humor Like Nurse Humor

If you have ever worked as a part of the nursing staff, you know. Nurses have some of the most out there humor- but it is how we cope and get through the day! Laughing with you coworkers or patients is one of the best parts of the job.

5. You Become Resourceful

How much of our jobs is simply trying to make things work!? Even a job where you have allll the resources and the best equipment, you still have to be resourceful from time to time. It may taping blankets to side rails for seizure precautions or getting creative with how to keep a confused patient calm and content, nurses are resourceful and know how to get the job done!

6. Forever Learning

I love to learn, and the beautiful part about nursing is the learning never ends! College and nursing school is honestly just the beginning to a life long journey of learning. Every shift I work I see and learn about a new diagnosis, medication, procedures, nurse hack, or even culture/way of life.

7. Scrubs are like PJs

If you have to change out of your yoga pants or pajamas, at least you get to throw on a pair of scrubs! I love wearing scrubs because I don’t have to stress about what I’m going to wear to work, they are comfy, and make for all the bending, moving, and walking you do in a shift that much easier!

8. Opportunity for Growth

I think Grad School is the number one way people think about growing and moving up in their career as a nurse- but there is so many ways that you can grow in your nursing career! Becoming a preceptor, joining the leadership team, becoming charge nurse, obtaining certifications, the list goes on for ways you can grow in your career without even returning to school.

9. Life Lessons & Gratitude 

Through nursing, you get to meet people of all different ages and walks of life. I have learned so many life lessons from my patients, their families, and even my coworkers. Everyone has unique experiences and you can learn a lot through talking with your patients and coworkers. Through nursing you also are have the privelage to be there for the best and worst moments of people’s lives. Through these moments, you gain gratitiude for the things and people you have in your life.

10. Nurses are the Heart of Healthcare <3

Nurses are the heart of healthcare. Nurses coordinate the care of our patients and facilitate communications among all the specialties involved in the patient’s care. We give medications, assess, and intervene when we find life threatening changes. We save lives. But we also care for the whole person. Not just the body or the disease process. We are nurturers. We help someone to feel less scare and alone, or a family member to feel like they can rest because their loved one is well taken care of. It’s amazing and a privilege to care for the whole person.


Thank you again for all the hard work you do. Thank you for the love and care you show your patients, families, and fellow nurses. Send this post to a special nurse, nursing student, or PCT/CNA in your life and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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