Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Peace Love Nursing!

I hope everyone is wrapping up a great holiday season! Mine was filled with family, friends, and so much happiness! I always like to take the end of the year to reflect on the past year and look ahead to make goals for the new year.


2016 was a tough year thanks to nursing school! I have stayed busy with class, clinical, studying, and working PRN. I have tried my best to enjoy the ride of nursing school and the challenges and triumph it brings. I feel the RN program is already growing my confidence and skills as an LPN and I look forward to transitioning to the RN role and seeing how I grow as a nurse this year.

Nursey New Year Resolutions

In my last blog post I talked about the importance of setting a nursey new year’s resolution to help prevent nurse burn out and increase personal satisfaction in the profession of nursing. I have one more class left of nursing school and my pinning will be March 1 (fingers crossed!) so most of my resolutions revolve around graduating. I picked three resolutions for the year and also have planned out how I hope to achieve them.

  1. Graduate Nursing School! I have one 7 week class left before I graduate! This class is filled with information, tests, and end of the program work. I also will do a 3 week practicum where I will work a full time schedule with a preceptor. It’s time to get organized and buckle down for one more class!
  2. Pass the NCLEX. As we know, graduating nursing school is not enough. You have to pass the NCLEX (state boards) to get those beautiful letters (LPN/RN) behind your name and begin working as a fully licensed nurse! I am in the process of researching how I want to study for the NCLEX. My program does a NCLEX review where an instructor from ATI comes for 3 days. I used Saunders NCLEX Review and attended the Kaplan 2 day test prep before my LPN NCLEX. As I begin to study and decide what I will be using I will share with you!
  3. Transition into the RN Role. I have been an LPN for three years, so I have worked as a nurse giving my transition into working as an RN a unique prespective and I look forward to sharing it with you all!

Blog New Year’s Resolutions

When things get crazy with school, work, and life in general- I notice that my blogging falls to the side. However, I love this space and every time I come here to write I realize how much I enjoy it and I want it to be a regular thing! It’s not only fun but a great stress relief. I love connecting with all of you and sharing my journey. Starting today I will post a blog post every Wednesday! There will be weeks where there are blogs on other days, and I hope to work up to regularly writing more blog posts. However, right now one a week seems like an obtainable goal and a good start!

Thank you for letting me sharing my journey and for all of the love and support for me and the blog over this past year! I appreciate all of you!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution this year?