Happy Earth Day 2022!

Happy Earth Day! For over 50 years, Earth Day has been celebrated by people around the world annually on April 22. This day is to promote awareness of the health of our environment. Nature and this beautiful earth are something we all have in common and connection with. It’s important we love and support Mother Nature in return for all the love and beauty she gives us.

Earth Day is an amazing way to combine self care in nature with a day to celebrate the earth and try to live it just a little bit better than we found it. I’m sharing some ways we can practice self care in nature while leaving it better than we found it.

Take a Walk/Hike

Have a Picnic

Get Our On (or Near) The Water

Go on a Bike Ride

A few ideas to help the Earth on Earth Day:

  • Pick up some litter on your walk, after your picnic, etc.
  • Plant a tree in your backyard.
  • Find a way to reuse/repurpose an item (or give it to someone who can!) instead of throwing it away.
  • Plant a fruit or vegetable. If you are living mobile or in an apartment, you can plant in a pot or Aero Garden (affiliate link)  We received one from Bradley’s parents and we are enjoying growing herbs and tomatoes in it!

For more information on practices you can use to be closer to nature, read our latest guest blog post by Susan, The Nature Nurse. 

4 Simple Nature Practices to Heal the Weary Nurse: Guest Blog Post

I hope you all have a beautiful Earth Day weekend and get the chance to spend some time in nature! I would love to hear your plans or what you did to celebrate Earth Day, share below!


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