Happy CNA Week!

CNA week was actually last week (June 13-19). Unfortunately, life has been busy with wedding, school, work (& overtime) so blogging kind of hit the back burner. However, I couldn’t let another day go by without sending out my love and appreciation to all the CNAs (certified nursing assistant), STNAs (state tested nursing assistant), PCTs (patient care technician), HUCs (health unit coordinator), secretaries, and monitor techs! You all are part of a caring, hard working , and often thankless profession. The work you do is so important to patient care and should be honored every day of the year!

Thank you for being a shining light during your patients or residents darkest days

Thank you for providing your patients and residents with dignified and compassionate care

Thank you for reminding me of a patient’s request I may have forgotten

Thank you for explaining to the patients when I am behind that I do care and I am coming with their request

Thank you for being a second set of eyes and ears to help find critical changes in patients and saving lives

Thank you for watching monitors and answering phones and call lights and calling consults and for keeping the unit running smoothly even when the rest of us feel like everything is up in flames

I cannot put into words how much appreciation I have for all the amazing and hard work PCTs do during a shift. CNAs and PCTs have helped me grow as a nurse and have taught me so much in how to care for a patient. I hope if you work in healthcare, especially as a nurse, and have the privilege to work with any of these amazing people, that you take the time to love and appreciate them. Happy CNA week to all the amazing and caring CNAs of the world!