Happy CNA Week! 2020

Thank you to all the CNA, HHA, PCT, STNA, and PCAs out there!

Happy CNA (Certified Nursing Assistance) Week! Thank you for all you do for your fellow health care workers and patients. You all are AMAZING! I worked as a CNA before I became a nurse and I know that it is not an easy job. It is long hours on your feet turning, lifting, and pulling patients. You work hard, and I know often times that hard work goes unnoticed. I want you to know I see you and appreciate you and value the work you do as a healthcare professional!

Maslow Hierchary Of Needs

In nursing school, we learned about Maslow’s Hierchary of Needs. This is a theory of the five categories of human needs. The needs are listed in a pyramid, with the most important and basic needs at the bottom- physiological. This is air, food, clothing, shelter. This is the things that CNAs do! I never understood how people could look down at what the CNA does, because they are caring for the most important and basic human needs. I can run drips, doctors can perform procedures, we can do all the things medicine has to offer- but if the room isn’t clean, the patient isn’t clean, fed, cared for- the family and patient perception will be they didn’t receive good care. You help to ensure the patient feels safe and cared for. That is AMAZING.

CNA= Life Saver

CNAs save lives just like nurses, respiratory therapist, doctors, physical assistances, nurse practitioners, and all the other health care professionals. I have had many CNAs alert me to a life threatening change in a patient, a critical vital sign or blood sugar, find a patient unresponsive, etc. I have watch CNAs get snacks for low blood sugars, encourage patients to breath when they are short of breath, perform chest compressions, run and get critical supplies for codes. The list goes on, but please know, you save lives. And when it comes time for people to leave this world- you help them go with love and dignity. That is just as amazing.

Travel Nursing & PCTs

I recently worked some tough shifts. It can be hard not having anyone you know working on the unit with you. I had some tough patient assignments, admissions, sick patients who needed blood and a variety of medications and care, and I just felt like I was drowning at times. On these days, I had the most amazing PCTs. Working as a travel nurse has really reminded me how amazing techs can be and the large value they hold. One night, when I was behind, my PCT saw that I was struggling and jumped into help without asking. She would check in on my patients and report to me that they were okay. When my admission came, she set up the whole room, placed a Purewick, did vitals, and put the patient in a gown. When I came out of a room (I was giving 10pm medications still after midnight) and she came up to tell me all she had done, I could have cried. I appreciated it so much. It was the support and help I needed to make it through another 6 hours. I make sure to make a conscious effort to thank every PCT I work with personally by the end of the shift. Appreciation can go a long way.


Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for what you do for patients and staff. I hope you work with people who appreciate you, and if they don’t, know that I do. Your job is to care for the people in their most vulnerable times and in very vulnerable circumstances and you do so in a way that gives them dignity and respect.

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Melissa Weaver

Thank you for acknowledging and thanking techs for their tireless dedication that often goes unnoticed and not acknowledged. As a former tech I know how hard the job is and whenever a nurse showed their appreciation for my efforts it made me remember why I was doing what I did. 👩‍⚕️ 😷

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