Happy Anniversary to my BFF


One year ago today I was in my home state of Ohio celebrating one of my best friend’s wedding days! Katy and I have been friends since we were in third grade, over seventeen years. I wanted to write this short post to share some pictures for that special day and wish my best friend and her husband a Happy One Year Anniversary!

Katy was the most beautiful bride! Being her Maid of Honor was truly an honor and her wedding day was one of the best days of my life! I am so lucky to have a friend that no matter how much time passes without us seeing each other, when we get together, it’s like we were never apart.

Prom Junior Year

Prom Junior Year

Katy and Ryan have been together since we were Juniors in High School! Their wedding day was the day before their 8 year dating anniversary!! I still remember the day Katy called me to tell me he had asiked her on a date, when they “officially” became boyfriend and girlfriend, or hearing about their first kiss. Oh, young love, such sweet memories.


The bridesmaids got ready in my hotel room which was close to the venue. Bradley surprised us with having snacks and champagne ready for the bridal party to enjoy! It was fun to sip on some bubbly and get ready before heading to the venue.

img_5087 img_5081


The bridesmaids was my sister, Katy’s two sisters, and me. We all grew up together so it was very special to have us all be in the bridal party! It was seriously the best day with the best bridal party I could ask for! We had so much fun through the whole wedding process and I am so blessed to have these beautiful ladies in my life.

img_5083 img_5082

Ryan (Katy’s husband), Katy, and I all graduated High School together and I knew many of the groomsmen because we went to school together. It was fun to see people I had not seen in a few years and reunite for that day! It was such a fun wedding party and it made the wedding that much better!

img_5088 img_5089

Katy and Ryan were married in the gorgeous Memorial Hall in Dayton, Ohio! Their wedding was beautiful and their love really showed on that day, *swoon*.

img_5079 img_5078

I gave a toast as the Maid of Honor, Katy and I both SWORE we wouldn’t cry…. That didn’t go quite as planned. 😉 Seventeen years of friendship and memories will do that to you.


Happy Anniversary Katy and Ryan! I wish both of you many years of love and happiness!

These fabulous pictures were taken by the amazing Emmy Lee Jenkins! She was so much fun to work with and the wedding pictures turned out to be GORGEOUS! If anyone in the Dayton/Cincinnati/Columbus area are interested in a fabulous and talented photographer, check her out!

FB: Photography by Emmy Lee

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Thank you so much, Megan! You were a huge part of what made that day amazing. 💕 Also, I’m more than a little excited to be on your blog…


It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun! Now you are famous Katy!


It was a beautiful wedding and we all had a great time! I know everyone will enjoy the pictures Katy!

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