Happy Nurse Week 2019: Thank you, Nurses

I truly believe nurses are the heart of healthcare. We are the beings that put all those orders and medications and interventions into action. We constantly monitor and assess for even the most subtle changes. We discuss those gut feelings and changes with our colleagues. We work to always be steps ahead of a crisis. And when a crisis does hit, we call the rapid or the code. We begin the lifesaving interventions. We become a well-oiled machine as we work side by side with other healthcare professionals to save a life. Nurses work to better the community.  We serve the underserved. We perform research. We educate the future of the profession.

We all have stories. Patient lives we have touched and patient’s that have touched ours. It is a privilege to be apart of people’s best and worst moments. The most intimate and scary times. Nurses hold not only am immense amount of compassion and care- but knowledge and critical thinking skills. They know how to save a life.

Thank you for showing your patients love and compassion

Thank you for working to better our community.

Thank you for having excellent critical thinking and communication skills

Thank you for finding life threatening problems and starting intervention to save a life

Thank you for holding the hand and caring for the dying and their families

Thank you for welcoming new life into the world

Thank you for educating and keeping the new nurses and student nurses safe

Thank you for supporting and inspiring your fellow nurses

Thank you for being a patient advocate

The things in this list just barely brush the surface of what we do in a day. My love and appreciation for my fellow nurses is endless. To keep it short, from my nursey heart to yours- THANK YOU.

Happy Nurses Week,