Friday Favorites 7-22-16

Hey! I hope everyone has had a great week! I am working today and tomorrow, so nothing to exciting is on the horizon for my weekend. I am wrapping up the week with a Friday Favorites post, so let’s get to it!

First Week of Summer Break

Today marks my first official week of summer break from nursing school, and I have to say it has been WONDERFUL! I love school, learning, my instructors and classmates, but to have time to do things other than school, study, and clinical has been much needed.This week has left time for my Bradley and I to actually hang out and have fun, hang at a coffee shop to work on the blog, grocery shop and fix some yummy food, chill by the pool, and have a lunch date with my sister! Like I said, I love school, but I will be happy when it is OVER!

Cook outs with friends

This week we have cooked out with friends a couple times, and it’s been delicious! I love grilling in the summer, and when you can do it with good company it’s even better. Bradley has totally perfected the art of grilled corn, it seriously has been perfect every time! We have grilled bleu cheese burgers, chicken, and salmon this week along with a variety of veggies. Talk about a win!

Outdoor Concerts 

Who doesn’t love to attend an outdoor concert on a summer night? We went and saw The Taylor Moore Band play at an outdoor amphitheater downtown. The lead musician (Taylor Moore) is Bradley’s childhood best friend! They still keep in contact, but he lives out of the country teaching English as a second language and touring whatever country he is in most of the time, so we don’t get to see him play often. He is touring in the states before he heads to Europe so we took the opportunity to go downtown and see him play!

The first time we saw him play together was on our third date almost four years ago, so that brought back some fun memories, we even ate at the restaurant same restaurant downtown. We found out Bradley’s parents were heading to the concert too, so we made it a double date! The music was great and we all had a a blast, Taylor puts on an amazing show! If he ever tours near you, I highly suggest you go see him! It was a fun and relaxing date night for sure.

Walks with Southpaw

One of my favorite things about having more time off is getting to hang out with Southpaw! I can’t tell you how much I love this dog and how much fun we have together. Yes, I realize this makes me a crazy #dogmom, but I have no shame! He is awesome! We went to the park in the morning everyday this week and got in a walk before it got to crazy hot. It was great for both of us to get outside and get in some much needed exercise and vitamin D!


What was your Friday Favorite? Have a great weekend!

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Lynn Culbertson

So happy to have had a chance to spend some of your time off with you. We really needed the fun evening and know you and Bradley need some well deserved stress free time. Enjoy the rest off your break! Love and hugs, Lynn

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