Friday Favorites 5-6-16

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I enjoyed having the week off, but it is back to work for me this weekend! Wrapping up the week with another Friday Favorites post!

Back to the Nurse Life


Last weekend I threw on my work scrubs and headed back to the nurse life! I had taken some time off while I was in Psych but decided to use my mini summer break to pick up some shifts and get back in the game (the extra cash doesn’t hurt either 😉 .) I honestly was feeling some anxiety about going back after being gone so long, but I felt like I had never left once I sat down for report. It was really great to put my skills to use again and pass medication to more than one person (in clinical we are lucky to give meds to one or two patients.) I also got to catch up with my nurse friends from work so that was fun. It was a crazy busy weekend and I definitely didn’t get off anywhere near on time, but it was good get back in the groove of the nurse life.

Work Outs


To be honest, during the final weeks of the semester and exam week, the only thing I did was study, homework, clinical paper work, eat, and try to squeeze in sleep. I definitely slacked on my activity level and spent way to much time in the library or at the Starbucks sitting for hours! I’m okay with it because you do what you have to do to survive nursing school, but this week I knew it was time to get back out there! I laced up my tennis shoes Monday and headed to the gym, and it felt great! I feel so much better when I get exercise in, I’m hoping to continue during my summer term! Excersise is also an amazing source of stress relief for me, just what nurses and nursing students need!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration


In lieu of going out and waiting an hour or more just to get in a restaurant, I decided to hold my own Cinco de Mayo festivities at home for my boyfriend and sister. I made turkey tacos, guacamole, and margaritas! I even made my own sour mix for the margaritas. Bradley was a bartender in college so he actually made the drinks, and we both agreed they were the best homemade margaritas we have ever made!  I highly suggest making your own sour mix, it was so easy and worth it! The whole shindig only took me about 30 minutes to prepare so it was definitely a win!

Nurses Week Begins 

Happy Nurses Week to all my amazing nurses out there! This is our week! A full Nurses Week post is coming next week, but I still have to take the opportunity to thank all my fellow nurses for the work that you do! You are all so amazing!

Thanks for reading! If you haven’t read my post on Safe Staffing and why it matters, check it out here. Have a fantastic weekend! I’ll see you next week!

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I’m definitely going to try making the sour mix! Happy Nurses’s Week to my favorite Super Nurse!

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