Contracting C-19 is not a Moral Failing.

Life Update

A little life update- my husband and I both tested positive for Covid last week. My husband on Monday and me on Friday. My husband was really sick for a few days- cough, severe congestion, severe fatigue, body aches, chills, headache, sore throat. He ended up with a secondary upper respiratory infection and needed an antibiotic. I have had similar symptoms but I feel they began to improve quicker than Bradley’s did. Probably thanks to me having Covid just six months ago. I’m still coughing, congested, body aches, and fatigued. And we both are having one of the weirdest symptoms- burning in your sinus cavity. It literally feels like having water up your nose- all the time. Very odd, and not something my sister in law and I had in January.

You have not failed

I remember something one of my favorite people to get Covid research from- Laurel Bristow– an infectious disease researcher studying Covid at Emory University said months ago in her Instagram stories. She mentioned that many people feel they failed when they get Covid- especially after not having it for so long. And I relate to this, now having it twice in six months.

When you are passionate about the health and safety of yourself, your family, and others- it can feel like you failed when you see the test turn positive. You wore a mask, got your vaccine, washed your hands, social distanced, and yet- still positive. Or, you took a calculated risk to enjoy an event with friends and family. And then, positive. It leaves you thinking what you could of done differently. Maybe leaves you with regret. Feeling less than those who still have managed to evade Covid.

I worked on a Covid unit for 2 years as a travel nurse. I had multiple exposures. I never got Covid. I take time away from the hospital to heal my tired soul- and I get Covid twice. It feels like a cruel joke.

You are Not Alone

Statistically, most of us will contract Covid. At the current rate, more than once. Getting Covid is no reflection on your morals or ethics. It has nothing to do with not trying hard enough to stay safe. Do not feel bad if it happens after an event or outing. We have to be safe, but we also have to live and enjoy our lives. Thankfully, the current strain has been less serious than Delta and the original Covid strand. We have vaccines and better treatment options. We know more about the disease and how to manage it. Obviously, we still need to use caution and our mitigation strategies. But thankfully we are further ahead than we were when this started.

This disease is extremely contagious and can be spread very quickly. No matter what you do, unless you plan to never leave your house and have contact with another human, it’s impossible to stay completely safe. Simply going to a doctor’s appointment or grocery appointment can be a possibility of exposure. And these are things we need to do. Continue to be safe and know if you catch Covid, you have not failed. It is simply an unfortunate part of life at this point.


Learn more about Covid at the CDC Website

For accurate and update to date information, I highly recommend Laurel Bristow on Instagram. Check out her story highlights!


4 thoughts on “Contracting C-19 is not a Moral Failing.”

Melissa Weaver

Great post and don’t feel guilty!

Matt F

I hate that people are made to feel bad about getting any disease ESPECIALLY when they are trying really hard. I think anyone that has been following you for a while knows that you are cautious and not dismissive of this. Glad you are ok.

Betsy Krieger

My first covid experience was Dec 1, 2020. One month before vaccines began and it was extremely rough. I felt relieved and fortunate to survive. 17 days later, I returned to work and had a hard time making it to my desk. Walking was a burden for about 2 weeks.
I just got through round 2 covid after taking 2 vaccines and boosters. It was so much easier to handle. I will never miss a booster.


I def felt like I failed. I relate so much to this. How do I convince myself I didn’t though? Thanks for the support.

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