Compression Socks Review

I have been talking about trying compression socks for a long time now, but have never got around to buying any. A few weeks ago my sweet parents gifted me two pairs of super cute compression socks and I decided to try them out last week. I worked Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday twelve (more like thirteen) hour shifts. I was busy all three days and spent a majority of my time on my feet. Today I’m writing a short review of my first experience with compression socks. (This is not paid, sponsored, or anything like that. I am just sharing my experience!)

I will say that the type I have are a thinner silkier material than my normal socks (more like TED hose), although I do know you can buy compression socks that are the typical cotton (more like a trouser sock.) At first, I was thrown off by the material and definitely noticed a difference in my shoes. However, as I went through my shift I found them to be more comfortable and my feet were cooler than they usually are! The socks are obviously tighter and also a lot higher than the normal ankle socks I wear to work, but I adjusted to that by the second day as well.

My overall verdict by day 3 is I love them!! My legs were still a bit fatigued after being on them for so long but they did not hurt or ache. I also have noticed by day two or three straight, I typically have some swelling in my ankles. By day 3 with compression socks I had no swelling in my ankles. I would say my legs felt the best they ever have after working a full shift! I also love how many cute and colorful options they have!

I think a pair of compression socks and a good pair of shoes may be part of the key to surviving the long days of the #nurselife. I called my parents after working to thank them again and tell them how much better my legs felt. If you are a nurse or nursing student (or any other profession that involves a lot of time on your feet) I highly recommend wearing these! I look forward to wearing them to clinical when I start back to school next week too and am planning on buying a few more pairs because I’m a procrastinator when it comes to doing laundry! 😉

Have you worn compression socks? Love em or Hate em?

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Angela Saunders

Where did you get these? I love them!! I need them in my life!!

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