Coffee Talk- 11/20/16


Hello! Long time no talk! I have missed this space and I am so happy to have some time to write something other than my research paper! 😉 If you know me, you know I LOVE all things coffee. One of my favorite things to do is meet at a coffee shop for a chat! Since I have been MIA for a while, its a perfect opportunity for some coffee talk. So, grab a hot cuppa coffee or tea, and join me for a little coffee talk and a short life update!I am currently in my Critical Care class. This 7 weeks is packed full of assignments including a research paper, two tests, two ATI tests (national standardized proctored test- we take a pharmacology and dosage calc), lots of homework, and multiple simulations and labs. Needless to say, this semester is keeping me busy! We have had lecture over complex respiratory and cardiac, as well as disaster and emergency management. The content is really interesting so that makes all the work a lot more fun.

Clinical this term has been different than past experiences. I am at a hospital that I have never been to before that uses a different charting system than our usual clinical sites, so that has caused a learning curve. We take two patients and do total care for that patients including: charting hourly rounds, pain assessments every two hours, vital signs, treatments and giving medications to both patients on our assigned days. It is a 12 hour clinical day so we are all exhausted by the end, but luckily being busy makes the day go quickly!

Thanksgiving is only 4 days away!! Can you believe it!? Wednesday Bradley and I are hosting a “Friendsgiving.” We have talked about having one for the past few years but this year we decided to make it happen! My parents are flying in Thanksgiving evening so we will be having a late dinner with them. I am so so excited! Bradley and I will also be spending Thanksgiving day with his family, so we definitely will be indulging in a lot of good Thanksgiving food and time with family. I am also looking forward to a few days off school to regroup and prepare to finish this semester.

How is life going for you? Any exciting plans for Thanksgiving?




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Another great post by my favorite blogger! We’re excited to see you on Thanksgiving!

Your Biggest Fan & BFF!

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