Check Your Voter Registration

Hey friends! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! This is a quick post to remind you to please check your voter registration! I have been a registered voter since I turned 18 (my first election was the 2008 Presidential Election- it was so cool!) but I still check before every election to ensure my information matches my license and I am still showing up at registered. This is to important and I have heard to many stories to not be cautious about my right to vote! I even was able to look at the ballot when I checked my registration! So please, take a moment, ensure you are registered, if you are not- GET REGISTERED TODAY! I know when I checked SC today is the last day to register via mail (must be post marked today.) allows you to learn about registration, learn about the voting process and required ID, and check your voter registration!

After you check you registration- if you need an absentee ballot, please check the requirement of your state! Bradley and I voted absentee while traveling. It was easy, but you need to make sure things are done in time and correctly! If you can, go ahead and request your ballot today!

This election is so important, and I am asking you to please vote on November 8 (or before via absentee)! It is one of the most important rights we have in our country. Thank you!