Advanced Placement Nursing


Happy Friday! I am currently a LPN and full time RN student in an Advanced Placement Nursing Program. Over the past few years I have realized many people don’t know how a program like this works, so I thought I would share some information about the Advanced Placement Nursing Program.Read More

Student Nurse Day 2016

Student Nurse Day was actually Sunday May 8, but I couldn’t let Nurses Week 2016 go by without sending some love to all my fellow nursing students! I currently wear both hats, nurse (LPN) and nursing student (RN).Read More

Mental Health Nursing: Why It’s Important

metal health

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine consisted of working one thirteen hour and one fourteen hour shift! I had taken time off while I was in psych (I’m float pool/PRN at my job) so it was nice to see my work friends and get back into the groove of the nurse life! I now have five full days off that require no classes, work, studying, homework, clinical, or clinical paperwork!Read More

Mental Health Clinical Wrap-Up

Mental Health Clinical

I have officially finished my last clinical of my psych/mental health nursing class! I really enjoyed this rotation and I have to say it was different from other clinical experiences. Before you get to psych, you will have rotations on medical/surgical type floors. Read More

Medication Teaching Simulation

Med Comp 2

I hope everyone enjoyed a fun and relaxing weekend. I spent my weekend studying, nothing new there! I did get my first S’mores Frappucino, so that was a positive! If you haven’t tried one, you need to run to your nearest Starbucks and order one! It is seriously like summer in a cup. That combined with the gorgeous weather this weekend has me ready for summer nights on the balcony and days by the pool!Read More