A Merry Little Christmas- 2020

Hello, friends! It’s really hard to believe Christmas is just a few short days away. I know Christmas is filled with joy and magic but it also can be filled with a lot of sadness for people. Add in 2020 + the pandemic and it really can feel unbearable. This year I know most people are feeling at least a little bit of grief, sadness, anger, frustration, guilt, or maybe a combination of these things. I’m here to tell you, that’s okay. I know some people have suffered unimaginable losses this year- loved ones have passed, jobs have been lost, families are separated. If you fall into any of these categories, I truly am sorry for you hurt and I’m sending you love. If you don’t completely fall into these categories- I’m sending you love too. It’s easy to hear, time and time again, to “look on the bright side” or “others have it much worse.” While I think appreciation and gratitude are important, I also thinks it’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling, and not have to apologize or feel guilt on top of it.

Last night, I snapped a picture of Declan in front of the Christmas tree and posted with the caption “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” This got me to thinking, this year is hard. We are all trying to make it through. What if we try to have a Merry Little Christmas, too? It doesn’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to ignore our sadness or loss, but maybe we can find a sprinkle of Christmas cheer among the hurt? I got to work last night and came up with four simple tasks to do each day to try to bring some happiness into Christmas 2020.


A Few of my Favorite Things

Today, I want each of you to think of some of your favorite parts of the holiday!

My answers: Favorite Movie: Christmas Vacation, Favorite Song: Carol of the Bells, Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter Blossoms/Good ole fashioned cut out sugar cookies! The next part of this activity is to find time to enjoy all of these things this week! Listen to your favorite song in the car, bake or purchase a holiday treat, and curl up with a blanket and hot chocolate to enjoy your favorite movie!


Self Care Day

Before we head into the holidays, I think it’s so important we find some time to practice some healthcare! This can be anything that brings you peace and relaxation.

Some ideas may be:

  • Get out in nature! Go on a walk, run, or hike. If there is snow, build a snowman!
  • Drive around a neighborhood to look at Christmas lights! Bonus if you bring a delicious hot beverage with you.
  • The typical but always relaxing face mask, bubble bath, painting your nails….
  • Read a few pages of a book or a blog that you enjoy.
  • Color, doodle, paint, or craft.
  • Bake your favorite holiday treat or meal.

Check out my blog post from this spring with more ideas on self care while social distancing!


Practicing Gratitude

Christmas Eve- and I think this will be a great day to focus on what we are grateful and thankful for. I know this day will look different for many of us, and that may make us feel sad or left out. Again, it’s okay to have these feelings. The point of this is not to get rid of or ignore the negative feelings, but to add in some positive feelings.

Take a moment to list and reflect on three things your grateful for. Even among the hurt, we can find things good in our life if we take a moment to look.mThree things I’m grateful for: My husband and fur babies, my family and friends, and Christmas lights. <3


Together Even if Miles Apart

Our wedding party & amazing friends- I miss them all so much!

The last day of Merry Little Christmas is reaching out to someone you don’t get to see this year on Christmas. It can be a family member or friend. Even a coworker! Send them a text, give them a call, FaceTime/Zoom, or even send them a Snapchat with a fun filter! The whole point is to reach out and send someone some love. It doesn’t have to be long or time consuming.

Working the Holidays

Before my Christmas Shift in   2018

If you are working this year- in any capacity- THANK YOU! I have worked many holidays including Thanksgiving this year. I know we try to make the best of it, but I also know if we are being honest, it sucks. Merry Little Christmas was made with you in mind! No matter what your schedule is, all these things can be done with very little time! However, I hope they will have an impact on your week and make working the holidays just a little bit better. Again- THANK YOU for what you do.

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Melissa Weaver

Thank you for expressing how we feel today. It’s been a rough week, month, and year! Here’s to a better 2021 filled with hope! ❤️🌲🎅. I hope Declan gets to experience his snow!!! ❄️⛄️🛷

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